SRK Lounge: Ronin was here

So according to this communist professor

America politics is all billshit, even alluded that Sanders was a lame duck, because he isn’t addressing the issue of property and how it ruins democracy in the American system. Also, we need real democracy and a system that can change the constitution as populist power and opinion shifts.

Global warming is the biggest issue because we might not live.

I asked him

How can we as a people do anything to mitigate the effects of overall pollution when China and india exist and won’t conform to standards, and with Africa industrializing any effects we have will be moot because they won’t play ball. What can we really do about global warming.

He rants about how Europe is this great place that is already doing things, and we have no excuse to do it here at home.

I tell him that wasn’t the question, the question was what can we do when all these countries are industrializing. Are we going to impose sanctions on them to force them to use solar and wind?

He didn’t like the question because he said that’s a moot question because he continues the rant of Europe doing it (of course in the mind of a liberal money isn’t real and it’s free), he said US is 1st or 2nd largest producer (again thats not the question), and that Africa will NEVER industrialized because they have been fucked over for centuries so they won’t amount to anything ever.

Didn’t respond once to China or India…and ignored the question by saying Africa will NEVER be shit. We need to force tough decisions, especially when we claim to be the mansion on the hill. Of we do it, other countries would follow. Lofl.

The entire class is a circle jerk and a bunch of yes man cock suckers.

when youre a fighter you dont take an L and disappear you have to talk even more shit and win even more fights

I know it’s bad to dislike a motherfucker based on how they look, But I really hate that fucking hat on his head, and the fact that he asks for hugs after he wins.

I’m sure he’s a nice person, but that is face punch material.

Salaries are horribly unbalanced in the US. We place value on so much BS.

Im pretty sure it’s a classic cry for help cause hours mom doesn’t pussy attention to him. Whenever he had a major breakdown, his mom was nowhere to be found. The number she would leave us like at work she would never be there. She would be down the street at a local kickboxing place doing cardio. He is shy, but he gets along with the kids for the most part. When things don’t go his way instead of talking about it he break down and cries and has a fit. Last night the head instructor almost threw em out of school because of it, I wasn’t there but if it’s anything like what happened during the summer it was pretty bad. Especially because karate instructor hate to lose money so if he was willing to throw him out it must have been bad.

He chooses to look like that.

Sounds like open season to me.

I went to school where star testing was everything. It was pushed, and always said thy we had to do well I’m order to keep the school in top 5, or keep federal funds flowing.

I still don’t see how these kids are stressing over a simple as test.

No bullshit, one of my biggest fears is stumbling across 34 of Sonic Fox’s fursona at some point in my life on the internet.

That said, respect where respect due. Dude could be the next generation’s Justin Wong, son oozes talent and he’s what, like 17 years old and is already a world champion many times over.

The newest nomination for “Ratchettest Shit I’ve Seen on Facebook” is a strong contender for the number one spot.

My ex-coworker must’ve been having a fight with her boyfriend (or recently named exboyfriend) that occurred at her apartment. He leaves this comment on 02/16/13:

She responds 4 minutes later:


FB has been doing this thing where it shows you old posts… and that gem must have popped up on her feed today because on **my **fb feed I see that little chain plus a new comment left by the girl… 6 hours ago:


I was just verbally assaulted by my company’s owner.

I’m thinking of walking out today and just not coming back. Ever.

That was just a New Yorker hello.

sonic fox? i remember talking to josh360 about him

Yeah but fuck his stupid hat son. If I ever beat him in evo I would stomp on that hat son.

Details please.

Capcpom fucking up SFV servers on day one? After multiple beta tests and stress tests?

How about that…


MP servers brake day one.

It is known.

I like it.
It shows that blacks are equal to whites when it comes to retarded anime/nerd shit.

the beta wasnt about testing server capacity was it

i thought it was testing the netcode

Not much to say really. She had an old version of a contract instead of a new one so she comes to me, screaming and saying nonsense, about it. Had she asked me first, it would’ve been resolved immediately. She just went and got angry first.

My boss has been lax in a lot of things lately, giving me responsibilities before even telling me about them and then blaming me when something doesn’t get fulfilled. I find that hilarious since he told me a while back that when it comes to money or foreign action he’ll handle it.

So I just e-mailed her the updated copies and told her she was most likely handed a physical copy back two years ago and probably misplaced it.

I’ve been tired of both of their shit for a while now, barely caring about my work. I do just enough to get a check. This mother/son combo is grating on my nerves and I’m thinking about just quitting asap and becoming a waiter until I find something that doesn’t make me drink every day.

The funniest part is there are mooleys that will defend paying for PS Plus and not say shit when things like this happen.

I thought your money was supporting additional server capacity?