SRK Lounge: Ronin was here

Its really a shit fest.

Online to play certain modes, and then it just kicks you anyways
No challenge mode
No lobbies
Cannot create 1v1 battle lounges
Ranked and Casual take forever to find matches, even if you have it open to ps4 and pc
No character select. You have to pre select your “favorite” character before you even go into ranked or casual. Cannot switch before getting linked to a character.
A month before other modes release.
Current server issues still going on 16 hours later, even on the official release date.

Right now, if you have the offline crew locally, you in there. For the rest of us, its a shit fest. For casuals, this is just a flat out horrible purchase. Yeah, sf5 will pay off later, but this is a shit launch at best.

**Cant wait for killer instinct. Fuck capcom. They got me once again 7 years later. lol. I objectively like the game though. They just gotta tighten up, or get the fuck out of the gaming business period. **

Damn i might just stick to Destiny or some LFD 2 or just chill tonight.

Paying to play online…

Where’s my “lol @ consoles” meme…

Nigga KI came out with 6 characters and way less modes.

Like i said, dudes losing their minds.

KI wasn’t $60 bucks, though…

I didn’t pay full price for this game. That’s on console nerds

27% off GMG for me.

That sucks. Fucking self hating pieces of shit. Do what you need to do. Just make sure youre setup before you do it. I can always empathize with a brotha dealing with nonsense like this. It aint easy, and its not fun because it fucks with your life outside of work.

Sounds like you may need to use this as motivation to move on. Youre pretty adaptable, so i doubt you will have a hard time. Tell your girlfriend i said whatup, and there is a reason everyone loves the darkside in star wars. lol

dont you have to buy all the characters making it more then $60?

I remember when niggas were more concerned about getting better when playing a fighting game rather than getting ‘fight money’

Ki wasnt 60 dollars. It was free to play, with alternating new characters to play for free every month. It also to my memory didnt have such initial harsh online playability issues.

You just made your retarded statement for the year(im sure there will be more to come). This nigga compared a free to play game, with great online, functional online, that even offered you new free characters to play as time went on, which is still the case, to a game that i just paid 60 dollars for to suck dick.

No, you can choose to buy all, or the ones you want to play. Niggas got opinions, and dont know nothin. lol

I remember when niggas could play arcade mode.

people need to go back in time and remember when there was no online gaming. Good old nes and snes, genesis days


Whack ass Survival mode. Had 10% health for Fight 30 because the bitchmade random ass “Supplement menu” wanted to give me the low heath boost.


Fiuuuuuuuuuuuuck that’s demotivating.


To bad PC isnt getting blood borne, ni no kuni 2, last of us, FF15, kingdom hearts 3, dragon quest 11, The Last Guardian, or any nintendo game,

bruh, none of your posts make any fuckin sense

Not usually one to share family shit here but I don’t know what to do.

My grandma went in to get a back rod replaced on her spine, surgery went okay. Then someone gave her the wrong IV drip and she is flatlining, they are attempting to revive her now.

She was a big part of my life, I even helped take care of her for so long and haven’t been able to see her in three years.

To have someone I love taken away from me because a nurse fucked up is horrible. I just want her to be okay, she’s had enough problems as is.