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Only if you buy them individually. You could just spend $40 and get all the characters from Seasons 1 and 2. But if you want all the costumes and shit, then, yes, you’ll be spending a lot more than that. With Season 3 on the horizon, peeps gonna have spent about $60 for just characters.

I actually like Capcpom’s pricing model… If they keep their word, and all the future content is unlockable in-game…

But since you can’t even EARN the in-game currency at the moment…

I hate you.

I watched my grandmother who raised me (basically my mother) die one day at a time, in the bedroom right next to mine. Going from perfectly fine, to comatose in a few days, then on like the 5-6 day she died in her sleep. Her doctor i took her too multiple times a week, with all the shit ive seen her get done, didnt notice the cancer growing inside her. Once the cancer saw it was time to play, she had less than a week. It was that fast.

With that said, you might be rightful in blaming someone, but it wont do anything for your healing process. It will only make you angrier. You guys always have the option to open a lawsuit up, because the only thing in this country that changes anything is money. If she doesnt make it though, just appreciate the long life she has lived my brotha.

I dont think PC is better then console or console is better then PC. You shouldnt say though PC is better when you clearly are going to miss out on console exclusives, and PC does somethings better then console. Its good to get both.

Hope she fights through it. Best of luck.

But holy shit that’s fucked up.
Goddamn nurse…

Thanks man, that happened to my other grandmother about five years ago. She was having problems, was taken to multiple doctors who cleared her, then one day her entire body was covered in cancer and she died a slow death at my aunt’s house.

I don’t care about the money, wouldn’t even be me involved in that, all I want is them to help her and be rightfully brought upon for fucking up so badly.

Mom just told me they got a pulse and breathing, they are still working on her.

Just haven’t been this scared in a long time, not since my dad had a heart attack right in front of me.

Petty gaming talk:[details=Spoiler]

Killer instinct is also garbage, and the most recent installment is turd polishing.

Great cast of characters though. But this is besides the point I wanted to make, I pre-ordered SF4 back when it didn’t hurt the bank to do so, and so far I’m not mad because they haven’t done anything to screw me over yet. [/details]

More important matters:

While that isn’t the situation my grandmother faced in her last moments dawg, I do understand that feeling you have right now.
I was with my grandmother all the way up to her passing two weeks ago taking care of her. She raised my from diapers.

You just gotta stay strong man, don’t fall in that pit of negativity cause it’s hard to leave there. I wish the best for you dawg, I’mma pray for you and your grandmother.

And I don’t want your shitty weeaboo RPGs.

Damn brother I hope things go okay. . . I was mad close with my grandma and her passing was super rough.

Prayers go out to you and yours brother.

Thanks, trying to just stay positive. Been through enough self destructive depression to not want to get back in that cycle.

I stayed with her so long and helped her how I could with her meds, doctors appointments and just being someone to keep an eye on her. Wish I could have done more, but that is life.

Sorry to hear about your gram, AYO?!

Like you said, just stay positive, man.

I’m sorry to read of this, AYO. Wishing your family the best. From the sound of it, you’ve been an outstanding grandson.

I tried, all anyone can do. So far things may be okay, keep you guys posted if anything changes. Also thanks guys for being helpful about it all, as weird as it sounds it helped me not freak out.

Now we can go back to shitting on SFV and posting booty pics. Lol.

I am waiting on SFV. Maybe until my birthday. I want it, but I don’t see any need to jump the gun here.



Yeah no big rush, not like anyone in GD is going to take EVO or anything lol. I got it as a bday gift and just played training mode, about all you can do right now.

Shiiiit If I make it to Diamond and I can qualify you better bet your ass i’m going to any available tourney

Since it’s Black History month, someone catch me up on rap. I’m talking people who made things this decade we’re now SIX YEARS into. People who didn’t start in the '90s because I’m practically stuck there. I have two basic questions.

  1. Who is making dope beats that aren’t some housey shit and their name isn’t Madlib?
  2. What rappers switch their flow up mid verse these days?

I guess I’m looking for silly stuff like this but from…now.

All suggestions welcome!


The only way jeb could be remotely threatening is with a gun in hand. That nigga is pussy through and through. lol