SRK Lounge So What ever happened to Calzones?




Ben Wyatt’s low-cal calzone zone?


I ate them all.


Yeah but Boston is Boston, if I ever visit I expect three things: Shitty accents, tea, and racism. You shouldn’t be surprised by any of this.

Also all the Chick Fil A places here just has a shit ton of white people, not kidding.


RockB trying to act like the Northeast is more racist than any other part of the country again.



An alderman here is trying to block another Chick Fil A from being made in Chicago because the CEO opposes gay marriage…come on now.


Chick Fil A is Mormon owned right? They are super family/fundamentals and shit, but you should separate your business from your political/personal beliefs. I mean that sounds intelligent TO ME but maybe I don’t know what I am talking about.

This kind of nitpicking is just absurd.


Only white people go to the Chick-Fil-A’s here. It’s pretty much the whitest chicken food joint in the USA.


Ah shit son, Calzones sound good.


I don’t understand teh reasoning for coming out and saying you are against same-sex marriage if you are a business owner. Homosexuals make up 10% of our society, plus they take up a large demographic you want - people who buy stuff. There’s no business gain in supporting a cause that discriminates against a demographic that may pay money for your goods. Unless of course, like Chik-Fil-A, you are looking for that ringing Santorum endorsement…


Man you aren’t even showing up on my list today lol.


i mean these are also the same people that are closed on sunday because of the owners religion…

i can’t tell you how many sunday’s i’ve wanted a chicken biscuit and had to settle for wendy’s…


damn I want a calzone now


A calzone is just a pizza that’s harder to eat.


I fold my pizza in half. I don’t understand the extra steps necessary to turn that into a calzone.


Italian magic


Anyone who doesn’t fold their pizza to eat it and isn’t a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is a BUSTA


That man is mostly a skeleton


Do you guys not have small pizza shops? Every place that makes pizza on the Greek end of the spectrum (up here, in the super-enlightened state of New Hampshire) makes calzones. And they are awesome. Even the place that makes lousy pizza makes great calzones.


I literally just had that for dinner.