SRK Lounge "Spay or Neuter your threads" ver 3

$55 including shipping and it is yours :wgrin:

I like playing with friends but I’m just weird when it comes to games. I go through the roller coaster type of motivation. Really want to play, then don’t care. Want to play, don’t care. Super inconsistent.


fox news + black americans = PANDEMONIUM

They saw the Fox news van…it was over before the news casters even got out the van.

Y’see, I can’t even sit through a 4 man room.

I try, but watching the lifebars ebb, and imagining what’s going on, just isn’t the same for me.

The only exception being Sentinel OCV.

As I see it.

How you gon call somebody every day on your lunch break to talk about Marvel? I AIN’T FEELIN IT LIKE THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE! Don’t care what combo you found, and don’t give a stainless steel prison toilet shit about your gat damn Thor command grab setups. Good gravy may…woke my black ass up for that nonsense.

That’s not ‘Fox News,’ other than name and affiliation… but it is a local newscast ramming their nose into people’s business, in hopes of ratings and promotions. Reminds me of this gem [media=youtube]53h7M3_FKvg&playnext=1&list=PLE678B8CEA2946614[/media]

Negro pissed me off. I’m gonna be at work nodding off like Homer Simpson over nothing. Should’ve cursed his dweeb ass out

That chick who plays Jessica Buchanan on One Life to Live…should have my babies.

You had the title as “spay our neuter your threads”.

Added a U. Fucking canadians.

When I was bouncing I ran into a lot of guys like that. If it’s locally owned, not a chain or any shit like that, drugs can be a huge problem and there are people peddling that shit all the time. I saw a guy get his leg broken for that shit. And all the bouncers have to do is file a report and say the patron tried to assault them and they can keep it moving because the rest of the club management will back him up.

Why the fuck he recorded that is beyond me, but you can see that he was planning on doing what I said, because he kept saying “The mother fucker tried to assault me.”

I dunnnnnnnnnnno mayyyyyn

I think you were feelin’ the game like for a hot minute

Until the pest control dude told you ya heart would tag out…:lol:

yeah, when i bounced this dude was all like “LET GO OF MY PURSE! THAT’S MY IUD!”

still beat his ass.

When I bounced, my main technique was to bust dudes’ elbows with my face. Worked every time, if I recall correctly.

Nothing good ever came out of Quebec. Except poutine.

Fixed because Poutine is pretty nasty.

Just watched The Union The Business Behind Getting High, good documentary for the most part. It is hard to believe not that many years ago I was completely against Marijuana in any form. Unfortunately for the propaganda activist I tend to research shit and the fact of the matter is the more you research that topic the more you tend to find out that what you are taught is complete bullshit.

yeah it’s extremely frustrating lol especially because you have to substitute for a legal substance that not only helps you gain weight, it also destroys your liver lol.

I will rep poutine till I die son. Haven’t had one in a minute.

4:00-4:10: Wtf?!?!?!?!?

Awesome thread title XD

sadly most people are too blind from the propaganda to ever do their own research and simply dismiss it as a hippie drug.