SRK Lounge "Spay or Neuter your threads" ver 3

So I can’t find my copy of Wind Waker. I want to play it with my son and they’re going for like 40 bucks on Ebay. WTF.

They deserve it. :coffee:

People who try to pick a fight with the bouncers are fucking idiots.

They are only a step up with people who try to pick a fight with the cops.

did you see the guys from the 4:00 mark to 4:15?

are you sure you’re a Quebecer?

he is a transplant

Val is too American to be a Quebecer.

I have Taskmaster/Hulk/??? as my team.

I have no idea who to put as my third member.

I think I might just learn sentinels stupid easy combo and just stick his big purple ass in there.

I’ve played two hidden missile doom/sent players and it is super annoying. Especially when I fuck up the taskmaster spidey swing combo and die.

IN NON MVC3 NEWS, Hannah Tieter has an ice cream out that tastes like pancakes. It’s been out before, but it is really good.


I’m sure as hell I’m not. I was raised in Chicago and even though I wasn’t born there, that’s home as far as I’m concerned.

Now just apply this reasoning to your religion and politics

So, judging by the new banner, I’m liking how the admins assume that if I lose at MvC 3, it’s solely because I’m dumb. :rolleyes:


fair enough.

why is it that everytime I see that word on this site I pronounce it as “Pootie Tang” in my mind?

Speaking of Hulk, they nerfed his Gamma Crush when you combo it. even scrubs that use Simple Mode can’t get it to connect cleanly.

Hell yeah, so you must’ve seen her in that lingerie she had on recently! Those titties are mesmerizing! They bounced and jiggled around with every slight movement she made in that scene. Maybe she got pregnant for real recently? I don’t recall her having tits like that previously, but she’s on “Natalie”'s level now in the titty department. Natalie’s the redhead.

Jessica’s crazy alternate personality has showed up, btw…so she was/is “Tess” at the moment. Cases of split-personalities are always interesting to me. Anyway, no other soap opera is on OLTL’s level at this point. Starr grew up alright…and her dark-haired friend looks even better…she’s(that friend) grown up to be one of the hottest girls on the show now. Then there’s Kelly Kramer with the typical “cute, skinny blonde whitegirl from the late 1980s” look (a good thing, imo), Nora the MILF, Blair (another MILF) and “Tea Delgado”, which is one of the sexiest women ever to exist in daytime television.

ah, Florencia Lozano is the real name: [media=youtube]R5QBdJwrrnQ&feature=related[/media]
Lawd have mercy [media=youtube]1dnngegDuMs&feature=related[/media]
[media=youtube]cuOxYks1pbU&feature=related[/media] CATFIGHT!

Yes yes…Ms. Lozano has actually been in consideration for Magnificent 5? status before.

*it’s that time…AUTUMN REESER SHOWTIME, aka “No Ordinary Family”! It’s on now. Autumn is truly an outstanding specimen. Of course, it’s highly unlikely you’d actually see a girl that absurdly hot who happens to also be super-smart and a comic book geek. I imagine it would be like finding an asian woman who not only has a Beyonce ass…but she also has naturally neon green hair, and the peculiar ability to pull magically conjured cash money out of her pussy.

Not sure what you mean by that when I am agnostic and am pretty all over the place on politics.

Jessica suffers from the same dissociative identity disorder as Vicki?
No wonder she seemed like a slut recently… at me being what’s wrong with MvC3 being posted right along with an Akuma infinite that only requires 1 move. Sad thing is, Akuma can spam hurricane kicks whether they’re hitting or not. Poor Spencer can’t do shit to that without meter.

welcome aboard The USS Common Sense, Jae Hoon

My parents got back from Mexico just now. I go to their place tomorrow to pick up my bottles of Mexican tequila, and my luchador mask.

This Friday is Party Day!

It sucks being even being agnostic and living in Oklahoma, this state is like super religious even though there is hypocrisy everywhere.

I’m sure it just sucks living in Oklahoma period. :coffee:

That it does, I want to move back to the West Coast.