SRK Lounge The BoelDong Edition

White power!

So jelly i couldn’t be a part of Secret Santa.


ok i’m buying gifts for my friends.

i bought my friend who’s 6’8" some shoe inserts to make him 2 inches taller
i bought my other friend who can get any girl he wants some Extenze

what can i get for my friend with body dysmorphic disorder?
what can i get for my friend who’s getting married in 3 months?
what can i get for my friend who is Mexican?

gotta be $20 or less

Next year I’ll do SS just to get a chance to send Boel shit to pose with.

The :frowning: Damned: Your misery is more of a choice than you realize. I grew up depressed. I don’t know if you are, or you only mean to project that persona.

I can tell you, as a happy person, I feel no less intelligent or worldly than I did when I believed happy people “just didn’t know any better.”

Extending beyond that, if there are things one doesn’t like about himself, he can usually change them.

You know the only bad thing about having a send off for every post?

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Not being able to troll with the best of them.

I can’t even no homo clicking on that link knowing what was on the OTHER SIDE.

A mirror.

A cheap hooker.


Your dong is beautiful Boel.

wooo lot of my penis all up ins

First one: Fruit cake.
second one: fruit cake W/ Icing on it.
third one: Fruit cake painted green, white, and red. Done.



posting just to sub to that picture.

also, these new LG adds are amazing. Combined expansion from the top and the right ads for total upper-right blockage? The ads of the past were nothing compared to this next step in the evolution of annoyance. Complete Global Saturation is next.

fuck val…reallly?..IM FUCKIN EATIN OVA HERE


Lounge thread 30!!!

Also, I’m not clicking that link.

What was the name of that one teacher who had to become a porn star because she couldn’t make ends meet as a teacher? At the gym, we were having a discussion about teachers/educators not getting paid enough and I made mention of her, but I had forgotten her name.

Calli Cox was a kindergarten teacher before she did porn

lol a teacher in boston turns out to be an ex-male porn star

Not her. I think the one I’m talking about is more recent. She is also a blonde.

Dang. People need to know that once you enter that world, that shit will follow you everywhere. Sasha Grey isn’t an exception.