SRK Lounge the It's too early for me to think of something edition


I missed the fake Valaris. Drats.

I bet it was the dude who got butthurt at Val dropping the logic bomb a month or so back and cursed everyone out. That was a funny thread, forgot what it was though…

he get dirted? hopefully so, over seeing image spam.

a. your gay
2. you’re understanding on why i made that avatar is nonexistent
III. yo’ur gay

dont make me start another Calf Age


You forgot the classic: Yore gay… old ass happy guy, bundle of sticks optional.

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I like the first page of a new Lounge. Stupidity hasn’t set in yet


And fuck I thought it was Thursday. Now I have to work one more day until the weekend.

nah, too ‘Lord of the Rings’

MY WORD! What in the hell happened to Sinead O’Connor? Even her cranium is a different shape. It as if it were remolded by a frost giant. Her eyes have a gleam of vacancy that make me shake with terror from the thought of insanity inside her mind.

Also, looking back now, those Ace of Base chicks were/are pretty hot. All that me wants.

Only Pippin. :coffee:

And maybe Gandalf.

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Damn. That’s a good question. What did happen to Sinead O’Connor’s head? That ain’t right.

That bald dude on the left don’t look much better either.


A man gets drunk at 2:00 AM and sees a mouse run across his kitchen counter.

He opens fire with a 9 mm handgun, missing the mouse, and instead shooting his roommate the chest through the wall, in the washroom for some reason at 2:00 AM.

Emergency services are summoned, at which point during a search of the house, they find a 13 year-old hiding in a closet that the third roommate (34 year-old) has been having sex with for the last four months.

He is arrested, the second roommate recovers at a hospital, the first guy is pending charges.

The fourth roommate sleeps through everything.

The police declare the mouse a hero.

Worst episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun ever.

fucking wow… legitimate hijinks.

This should be evil twin edition.

Well Shaft Agent MKII will have to become the Chancellor of Bootyism to put a stop to the original defective models plans…


I forgot to save that Animorphs pic. In the end, Wario brought us more happiness than Mario, today.

i would have died a thousand hilarious deaths if fake Valaris created a new lounge…hmmmmmmmm april fools IS soonish

anywho, that mouse story wtf’d me for reals. Just when you’re like ‘damn, thats a good story’ it decides to make itself more epic.

And Sinead O’Connor looks like she went to the Tito Ortiz school of skull deformations

Which one is Sinead, again?

In all honesty I can’t tell if that person with Sinead “Oh god what the fuck” O’Conner is a dude or a chick. Looks like metrosexual Kevin Bacon.


Cool stuff about the eye. I wonder if there are people born without sensory adaptation, that must suck!

I love learning.