SRK Lounge the It's too early for me to think of something edition

AGDQ Marathon is Live!

For a minute when I looked at my profile, I thought I was looking at Shaft Agent’s…

Fuck this, I’m thinking about doing another Shang Tsung transformation…


Three Months for this ish?

Well have fun without me fellows.

Good. You not being here means there’s space for something more important. Like my bansai bushes.

Who the fuck is Trouble Brewing?


Who the hell is the retard who banned angelpalm?

Trouble Brewing?

So… an inept beer maker has been given mod powers?


Or is it a female mod with a futanari chubby for witches?

Oh woooow That’s Starcade RIP. Flexing his new mod powers I guess. That shit was not worthy of a ban. Good job newmod.

Can you flex your Nightwing might, and get Batman to unban him, Val?

That shit seems unfair.

And hilarious.

I don’t know and I don’t care.

Only post in GD to stay safe.
SFIV blows.

It was just a silly troll thread full of dumb responses but I get infracted lol. Oh well. I want my ten years back.

I doubt so. My Gotham City is pretty much GD/Trading/Video. Outside of that, yall are on your own.

And SFXT filches.

Hopefully the rainbow of gems will serve as code to illustrate this.

hahaha i met starcade rip in china he’s a cool cat

next time i’m down in beijing i’ll tell him to go easy on the GDers

This saddens me.

What about The Gatdam Batman?

…where has RC been, anyway?

Daaaaamn. These assholes are completely fucking up this restaurant.



Nah, SRK culture at its finest. Can’t even tell somebody to go suck dicks because he would be to stupid to earn money with anything requiring thinking.

They need to start handing infractions for stupid. That is the only way that it is fair for people who get angry to get infractions.

Val might get fired trying to help out the Black Man. Then who would feed his family of Lumber Jacks and Mabel the pet moose?

You suck at answering your PMs.

But this is the new, gentler SRK.

So I take that back.

And apologize most profusely.

Allow me to reiterate.

You have a very special talent for not recognizing new PMs in your Inbox.

One love, my good Latino.

What the hell was that fake Valaris anyway?

I take pride in trying to let GD be something else the than the PG13 shit some of the other sections have become. On several occasions I’ve yelled at other mods who think they can come in GD and lay down what they think is the law. Bullshit motherfucker.