SRK Lounge the Lunch Lady Zombies edition

A whole new spin to meatloaf.

Lame, I miss Space Jam already.


English, motherfucker!

There’s punctuation on this Lounge title; Punctuation people!!!

I was just thinking that the way anime fans subbed dialogue in the 1990s is astonishingly close to the way anime fans talk to each other online.

no Gokou you fucking idiot theres no way you can beat Cel!!!1

Instant Transmission sounds a jillion zillion billion times cooler than Instantaneous Movement.

Peace Walker is still great, holy shit

Instantaneous movement sounds like a martial art. Instant transmission sounds like an STD thing.

I’ll play that game if someone pays me every time you talk about it.

:rofl: I searched “Michael Keaton goddamn Batman” in google and this is the third picture that comes up. From this pic, Keaton could easily play the joker as well, in a dual-role performance that would shatter the IMDB scoring system.

How come it doesn’t say the name of the poster you just quoted? That dude’s cool, he’s talking about Path of Exile. That game is awesome. It makes Diablo III look so shallow in comparison, in every single way outside of gameplay.

Lunch lady zombies?
Wasn’t this a Captain Underpants story?

The best one of them all.

Besides maybe “Attack of The Talking Toilets”.

Finally watched Rurouni Kenshin and Django Unchained this weekend. Quite impressed by both.

Everybody get up, It’s time for spam now
We don’t go the real ham going on
Welcome to the lunch line
Here’s your chance to mess your pants In the lunch line

woke up at 5:45 and for some reason skipped breakfast (huge mistake), got to work and still haven’t taken lunch. i’m about to rip some babies apart if i encounter any.

Don’t forget the Barbeque Sauce.

Haven’t watched Ruroni Kenshin in ages. It’s one of my favorite animes.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

God Tier - Hiko Seijuro
Top tier - Shishio
High Middle - Sojiro, Himura after he learns the final two styles, Shinomori Aoshi
Mid tier - Enishi, Battosai the Manslayer, Jine Udoh
Close to bottom - Saito Hajime, Kenshin the wanderer
Bottom - everybody else

Awww man. Someobdy tried to shoot Rick Ross.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMN saying:

Jeez man… I was just starting to feel his music. Is he really that old that it’s time for him to go to Dead Rapper Island?

i bet it was Coolio.