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Julia Stiles still bae.



What is this wall?

Mental? Physical? Am I an idiot?


Okay, Tiny Tim. You don’t have to beg for my attention anymore. You have it. What the motherfuck are you running your mouth about now?


LMAO, some random arguing on the SFV section that good and accurate hitboxes don’t mean for a good game.


I will also say that you might want to work on your paragraphs. It makes it easier to respond to your cries for attention if you keep your paragraphs to only one idea. It’s not a personal attack on you as several SRK posters do it, but if you want me to respond to a wall of text please make it easier.

Here’s how to write a concise paragraph:


Julia Stiles came flying out of the womb into the wall. The fuck are you talking about? The doctors had to scrape her off of the wall. Some people merely adopted the wall. She was born in it, molded by it. Pink Floyd made an album prophesizing her birth.


I gave up on this topic.

It’s clear that your animation doesn’t mean shit because your move, though hitting your opponent’s body, will completely miss. It’s annoying and a real roadblock to learning visual cues. But it’s in the game so if you’re going to play I guess you’ll just have to deal with it.


Renegade isnt really random, but he really isnt correct either.

Meh overall.


Sorry, but no tits = no go. Julia Stiles can hold dat L.


I guess Zoobutthurt wants me to reply to this so I will.

I don’t think she’s getting upset at it not being the way she wants it to be. In that same article, she talks about the mean shit guys have done to her yet she still persevered. She comes off upset that she’s constantly having to do it on an every day basis. It’s not even so much about her mental health as it is about the women who can’t deal with the constant abuse.

It’s fine for her to advocate for those women because, let’s face it, courage varies from person to person. Just because one person is willing to get up and shout down their oppressor doesn’t mean everyone will. She is falling on the sword and dealing with the harassment that comes when you tell someone that the behavior they’ve been exhibiting throughout their lives is wrong.

Putting the burden on them isn’t really fair. I always use the bootstraps analogy to combat this: if the system is rigged against you succeeding, would you feel fine if someone told you just to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps? The answer is likely no and you’d be right. She and other women feel the same way. Since the beginning of time, government and social order has been in place to benefit men.

Yes, there will always be assholes. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do something to minimize the behavior or even stopping it from spreading. And like I said before, not everyone can just develop the mental fortitude to persevere and that’s fine. They shouldn’t take the burden anyway for social behavior that can be changed. You could say go to a psychiatrist but those are in short supply and even then if you’re poor or a minority you’re not very likely to even get an appointment.

She decides to speak out, so she has to take on the trolls? I wonder if people were fine with racists lynching those who spoke out against segregation and shit. Probably not.

But yeah, Valenti isn’t really complaining as she is just mentioning a truth: if you’re a woman writer with an online presence and write about women’s issues you’re going to attract a ton of trolls with nothing better to do than shit tweet at you.


Razist calling someone else butthurt? Magneto couldn’t lift this Chinese knockoff irony man.


I’m never butthurt over anything someone says here. I’m just eccentric and angry sounding in my style of posting.

Seriously, SRK is jokes. Aside from maybe 3 posters, I don’t take the opinions here seriously because they come from a very narrow point of view. The people who once made for good discourse no longer post here so I’m left just shit posting my days away to pass the time while it’s slow at work.


masalah mondays


Julia Stiles stays the white J-Lo. Homos in the Lounge stay mad.


Doug stanhope says amber heard has been a manipulative cunt since day 1, all of depps friends didnt like her, and the day of all that bullshit he had told doug that amber was planning to make up lies on him and fuck him over.

Interesting read. Damn shame, since i wanted her to be supergirl. lol. She may get blackballed once all this clears up. Johnny still stupid for not having a prenup on some 2 year long relationship. Fucking lonely retard. Amber heard aint that special to put up half of what you own. Shes a dime a dozen my nigga. There is a poor russian girl right now, whose loyal, looks just like amber, and would be a great wife. Go find them ho’s. Why would you ever date in the industry. All of those relationships fail. LOOL


this one isn’ whatever asian woman.


I would want to see Angela Lee and Paige VanZant on some lesbo scissor “grappling” action


Doesn’t matter if you’re a woman, a political figure, have billions of dollars or just ten bucks, you go online, you’re gonna run into trolls and dickbags.

Either deal with it, or turn the computer off and walk away. "Oh noez, someone named Sephiroth956 called me a cunt! My life is ruined…"

Da fuck? Bitch please.


They just released a teaser for Touching The Cellphone
Or is it a screen saver?


That was a garbage ass trailer, it shouldn’t even be called a trailer it’s a teaser technically. The sad thing is unlike a lot of people who justifiably auto hate Ubisoft for being among the biggest liars in gaming, I’d actually buy Watch Dogs 2 if reviews were good and it looked like a fun game because the core premise is awesome, but even as an open minded guy that teaser was a really bad first impression and I imagine will set the tone for future promos unless of course we see actual game play and it looks legit, but even then a lot of people will be skeptical since Ubisoft blatantly lied about the game play last time and will likely just wait for release/reviews or skip it altogether. If Ubisoft wanted to reverse their reputation and save the IP they should have waited until they had real game play footage.

googles to see WD1 sold over 4,000,000 copies in it’s first week of release…ok fuck my post Ubisoft can sell a turd with $100 bottle of warm piss DLC and they’d still fly off the shelves, bravo Ubisoft you guys won the game of Capitalism.