SRK Lounge "There's a naked man in my room" edition

So I woke up this morning to sounds in the hallway of my appartment. I opened my door to find a drunk guy stumbling through my appartment. After what started as a polite, nice, albeit somewhat frustrated attempt to get him out of my place at 7am on a monday morning, he quickly veered to a rather more unpleasant mood. I managed to toss him out with the help of my brother who, lucky for me, is much bigger and has been in a few altercations in his life. Fast forward 10 minutes when he is loudly banging against my neighbor’s (2 very cute girls and a very nice stoner) door demanding his shoes. I called the dear fellows of law enforcement when I heard said neighbors tell him to “Fornicate elsewhere” if you will. The former arrived just in time to see the man savagely break through my neighbors’ door and kindly knock the male resident of the demeure into a state un unconsciousness.

All in all. An odd way to start a morning and a week.
I have to say though, the best part was my brother on his balcony smoking weed yelling “FUCK YES! THERE’S MY TAX DOLLARS AT WORK” when the cops came in lights and siren blazing.

How you gonna spell albeit correctly, but add an extra p to apartment not once, but twice, Val?

Is it a virtual condo?

Also: why were the cute girls next door and not at your place?

I am dispoint.

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That’s my bad. Apartment in French takes 2 p’s.

I thought you were cleansing the Romance Language capacity from your brain?

Or have you embraced it now?

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I try to keep it out as much as possible while retaining enough to work in an environment that pays me extra to be bilingual.

Well, just as long as you’re getting paid.

Fuck, I hate being up before the sun.

How messed up is the universe when THE SUN gets to keep better hours than we do?

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Messing with the voice options in U/MvC3

Spencer is the angriest Japanese businessman I have ever heard. BAYUNIC… AHHHHHMMMM

There was a naked stream on early morning. better than naked man

heh, such good times… I’m still reminiscing over the greatness of seeing Destro as my main character in SR3 yelling out “BURT FUCKING REYNOLDS!!!” in a moment of star-struck awe when he met up with him in the game…

some other character creation choices constantly floating around in my imagination—Karl Rove, Anderson Cooper (should be easy to make), Ralph Cramden, Max Headroom, the list goes on forever.

An example of the great customization in this game… here, someone made Robert De Niro [media=youtube]7a_I6PYPI6c[/media] heh, a great co-op addition to that could be Joe Pesci…ooh, or maybe Ray Liota! The possibilities when you add a reasonably deep character creation system to any game… the possibilities are always incredibly fun to me.

I should’ve taken off today… work is the last place I want to go right now. Why must Mondays always be so depressing? If Monday were somehow magically manifested into a living being, it would be the real life “Debbie Downer”, or “Bob Bummer”… then it would approach you while you’re in a good mood and say something like "…y’know they never caught that Anthrax guy…" or "oh you got extra sleep this morning?..well some new research says that actually shortens your lifespan significantly, so you may might live to see your 50s." (cue up the downer music soundbyte)

(I thought you were going to say the naked man was you, Valaris. How the hell did he get into your apartment in the first place?)

With regards to the other thread, since I didn’t want to address it there, especially after it hit 1000 posts, I’ll just say this: I wasn’t “just” going out of my way to disagree with you, mIRC. Just like how I don’t think people were disagreeing with you on the single mother thing solely because of biased emotion. I don’t think we agree on as much as you think we do.

I’m going to agree to disagree just because I don’t really care to convince you on the matter, but just in case it comes up again/continues, I’ll say this too: your view at present comes off as oddly absolutist given your overall stance–the stuff you were/are saying seems to be the type of absolutist things that moral guardians who advocate having kids and marriage would say, even though you’re against both those things.

Other than that, I think we might agree, but meh.

Also, as me reading too far into implications, it’s kinda impossible not to. That’s why they’re implications. Within certain degree of sensibility (that doesn’t involve launching personal attacks at people), the overall tone and wording of something tends to go a long way. That’s why I admitted fault with my wording of a couple of those paragraphs and why I said I didn’t blame you thinking I was referring to younger children rather than older children given how I’d completely forgotten to specify and was just assuming you would get it.

Anyway, Pertho, since I forgot answer your question, I would say going with non-fiction over fiction, if only because you gave no other clues to what the hell you wanted to read.

That’s the impression I get from Japanese Spencer. Thanks for helping me name it.

Him being able to enter is entirely our fault. My brother stepped out last night and forgot to lock the front door when he came home late.

(Haha. It just occurred to me make a SoVi3t joke about this, but meh.)

Ah, I suspected it was due to an open door. Better than a break in. Thankfully you guys are alright.

goes back to grumbling over stomach pain

american white girls in the club in a nutshell…i sadly saw every single of these steriotypes on sat.


For those who don’t know (probably all of you), I’m a student game designer. Right now I have a bunch of game design documents that I’m keeping for the future, and right now I’m writing up a document for a fighting game. One of my ideas is to have a stamina gauge that would have many applications. Basically, all of your actions would use up a small portion of the gauge, but the gauge would regenerate quickly. Here are some thoughts on why I think a stamina gauge could work:
[]It naturally prevents infinites
]It could eliminate the need for any heavy damage scaling since the combos can’t be too long anyway
[*]You can’t turtle for long, since it also acts as a guard meter.
Characters could have varying amounts of stamina which would allow for different playstyles to emerge. For example, high stamina characters would be used for rushdown.

I’m still writing the document, so I’ll be thinking of more stuff as I go.

When I lived in Montreal it was because my buddy had to get institutionalized for hearing voices all day. Then when I moved there, I started hearing voices. But I knew I wasn’t crazy (or did I?).

Long story short, after a police investigation they found that some fucked up couple (bf and gf) were crawling through the vents in the building, watching other tenants, and whispering shit to them from the vents.

Also I came home one day and the ENTIRE fire escape had died a horrible death. I didn’t even hear it happen or notice until I opened my backdoor and saw a 30 foot drop of death.

And Damned, leave the SoVi3t jokes to the pros.

(Hunh. It’s like this singular Youtube video is refusing to show the gray bar for loading. What a pain.[/first world problem])

Hmmm…even if I’m rather sicker than usual, I just remembered that I should still be trying to review my mathematics, if only for fun. I pretty much have all my math books going back to high school anyway. I wonder how long it will take me to finish the entirety of the Algebra book…

That all sounds lovely and so very much restores my faith in humanity.


Very well. I leave it in your capable hands, Captain.

I’m currently playing through Saints Row 3.
Probably one of the funnest games I’ve ever played.

Eternal Champions?

Thats why i go for Asians girls. I wait few years before i attempting clubbing

I don’t see the difference between american white girls and american asian girls.
Except that american asian girls try to keep their sluttiness hidden from their parents.

Saw that comin’ like a Peter North money-shot.

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