SRK Lounge Ultimate Space Jam


too early to come up with something clever.


Kill whitey


Lynch Pistol Shrimp.

Oh wait, wrong thread.

저는 론 버건디 입니까?



so Brent Musburger is getting shit for saying that bitch looks good? hilarious.


New lounge. Sick


I am going to be really pissed if the nintendrones manage to put whatever shitty smash game on the evo lineup for this year >:(


SRK Lounge: Mayan Apocalypse Survival Edition

Or do people not understand the reference anymore?


Just to continue a topic that was brought up in the previous lounge, I watch History for the Pawn Stars shows. Sure it has reality show elements, but I feel I learn a lot from the dudes discussing the items. Old Man reminds me so much of my own grandfather…

There was also this special here over the Christmas weekend that wasn’t too bad. I liked how they tackled the lesser known inventors, rulers, and discoverers:

Ancient Aliens is just awful, especially that tsunami/natural disaster episode as was mentioned.



Anyone try to beat this yet?


Discovery Channel used to be so badass. Now it’s American Chopper reruns lol.

Shit is so terrible that which is why I only have the basic cable package that they threw in with my internet.

Anyways when are we getting a Gunnm movie, fuck I have been waiting almost a decade for this shit.


this thread took too long.


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So what game you think will get into the line up?


can’t stand reality show styling. every intro is some asshole doing a voice over about himself while walking towards/away from the camera while trying to look cool. then in a kind of sped-up slow-motion montage, the camera moves around him while he’s crossing his arms while wearing sunglasses. :mad:



Just saw this in my newsletter. Anyone planning to get this?


So the Playstation 2 has been discontinued as of five days ago. :coffee:


First lounge thread of the year and I make the first page. I can dig it already.



Is it going to play new games or am I paying $250 for 10 year old games I can run on my laptop?


Thread needs to be named "SRK Lounge: Ultimate Space Jam