SRK Lounge V. 16 The Politically Correct Edition...nah. Let's keep the midget jokes going Sovi3t!

You know the drill.

Still can’t believe his name is on the thread title.

Would you like yours instead?

No, but you can use Casey Anthony’s.

Valaris is offering you a chance to become internet famous!

It’s more like spamming with privileges.

Cursing in a thread-title is no longer infraction worthy?
You damn gingers!

How is it spamming?

Edit: Shit is a curse!?

Damn it all, I knew I should have screen captured for the purpose of blackmail! Or gingermail! Or whatever!

Now you’re just trolling.

Man if it really bothers you that much I’ll edit it but really? I’m just having fun with Rock. Why does it matter so much to you?

x-men the animated series is on netflix now, that shit is hilariously bad.

Please make that edit.

1 2 3 and i come with the wicked style and you know that im from the wicked krew


The Damned: That was a different one, this one was Mexican.

delicious mejicanos make my pee pee go hard i call it EL CABRON

I watched 4 episodes and gave up. It’s boring as hell, yet you will find plenty of fanboys calling it the shit.
Cyclops is so gay in this, it was so satisfying when Wolverine bitch slapped him, and told him to man up or GTFO! :rofl:

yall should at least watch the episode beauty and the beast, it is manly

also I think 99% of the animated series love comes from the themesong, which is awesomes

which episode is that?

X-men was great. Yes, it was also cheesy, but it was a kids’ cartoon. Also, Jean’s ass was inexplicably huge in the CG ending animation.

Today’s pointless challenge: try not to hear “gynecology.”