SRK Lounge ver. 17. RockB is the result of Pootie Tang staying in the country with dat white girl


First page.

Glad western WA is nowhere near as hot as the rest of the country. Grew up in the desert, but you can only appreciate it when you visit it a few times a year, not during the summer.

It’s in the 60’s over here, btw:coffee:

Fuck summer heat.

And fuck salty Mega Man fans.

And if I refuse?

probably for the same reason it’s difficult for you to read.

but anyway…

lol “people like me” caused you to stop? you’ve already admitted you liked the drama, sounds more like “people like me” were the reason you were doing your tourney in the first place. and your definition of “people like me” doesn’t even include me, but it’d require reading comprehension and memory to figure that out.

Both of these.

Also, I’m just going to come out and say it. I don’t think Megaman Legends was ever a good game. I’m very tired of people bitching that it was canceled.

just got back from out of town. saw another dead body. this one was a car wreck. some dude was kneeling beside the body half in and half out of the smashed car. i could have taken a picture too, but i didn’t out of spite for The Damned.

then i saw an overturned and split open semi on the highway. that was pretty cool looking.

in other news, this is a dawn of a new age. the calf age.

damn you and your cool weather WA!! Shakes fist of anger


Yo Million, Ed Boon wanted what you wanted.


even Adult Swim knows about the Azn chick that mutilated that guy’s wang.

Fuck summer heat,

Fuck salty MM fans,

and fuck that women’s tourney.

Not exactly, it got an 8.2 at Gamespot, 8.1 at IGN and averaged a 7.7 overall in critics scores. Not really bad.

What’s on your mind dear?

drinking beer after sweating buckets is already biting me in the ass. dehydration is a fucking bitch =/

Is tapatalk fucking up for anyone else?

Million, even Ed Boon fantasizes about an all horror cast fighting game. Link here:

There’s a women’s tourney at SDCC?

You of course.

No. I mean TIS’ drama fest.

I want another Women’s Tourney. I hope Hyori wins twice.

yeah looks like tapatalk aint tapatalkin, i should test myself haha

I want to see Kayane naked.