SRK Lounge Ver 18. The Swedish Chef Edition

Borky bork bork Gersh gurndy morn-dee burn-dee, burn-dee,

I thought RockB was a Swedish Chef.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Right? Ce le fuck?

new thread already

i mean more like man this took a while we need to talk mo obv

stop being so lazy then boel. if you posted more maybe we could get more kewl thread titles

i played some hokuto no ken (ps2 fighter) over the weekend, man that game is fun. raoh all day for sure, so broken.

Damnit…why did One Life to Live get rid of the 2nd Todd Manning?
Dude was balls.

Shout outs to million for keeping stolen panties around for so long that the smell went away.

Why do people hold their money in their mouths while they’re going through their wallets in a checkout line? Might as well put shit in your mouth.

How did Million get a pair of stolen panties?

Actually, I’d probably be better off not knowing.

I won’t be better off without knowing.

Props to Sovi3t on finding out how to become a true sexual deviant.

Damn I haven’t posted in a while. What he do now, fuck a rainbow haired midget tranny?

Million is too amazing.

Soviet. Just no

I discovered today that anal is actually bad…it stretches the muscles of the anus and will not repair…this causes loose bowels and other health related issues especially if when you are older…

I’m not gonna ask how you discovered this

I saw this make news recently…


I didn’t get it at first…then I read the headline.
I just don’t see rage nor crazy there…unless she looks like that ALL THE TIME.

2012 election is going to be quite interesting…

you’re doing it wrong. gotta be patient and slowly stretch and move up. if you go to quickly, without prep/lube then that happens.

(I will multi-quote on the first page just to prove that I can.)

Ha, I knew there was a reason that I liked Belle so much; Glinda too. Schizoid hi-five!

I’d say sadist hi-five, but dropping houses on people apparently takes quite a bit of time.

Yeah, I’d like to say I’m surprised at the amount of people that I don’t seem to realize how dirty (physical) money is, but then I’d have to actually be surprised at people’s stupidity and that tends to happen less & less.

I don’t really see how 2012 election is going to be “quite interesting” since it will be the same old shit for the most part with having to be pick between a pussified idiot and a corrupt idiot that’s more likely to destroy the country. Only difference is that someone as bad as Bachmann or Palin might destroy it “for good” this time or, at least, just hand China to the title of superpower even more quickly.

I’d say the Congressional election looks more interesting, though if how many Tea Party people got elected last year is any indication, then we’re already dead. Although it looks like poor and middle-class people might finally be seeing through Republican’s veil a bit. I can’t wait till scapegoating the gays via God is used to patch that up again.

I like how every time someone brings up this piece of misinformation, BeaTs* has to chime in like some sagacious proctologist.

But, yeah, seriously Shadow Ace 50, you’re doing it “wrong”. Just say “no” to rape please.

This post + that avatar = win

I did not expect a mature response but I got this information from a retirement home CNA

damned: I actually think I saw him spreading those vile lies somewhere else before, but chose not to say anything. I couldn’t let him do it again, so I had to give him the beauty and truth so he can love anal for the rest of his days.

yeah, this avatar has unintentionally proven to make some posts a tad bit funnier, cryoh.