SRK Lounge Ver 18. The Swedish Chef Edition

(Oh man. I forgot about this fucking stupid riddle.)

Yeah, not sure I would go that far about “loving anal”, but, uh, sure. Fight misinformation everywhere, Anal Repairman~!

Right, because old people don’t lie or ever make mistakes in their younger years and you don’t have access to some type of portal to information that you’re constantly communicating through where you could look up multiple sources of accurate information.

Of course.

I kinda enjoy seeing the economy crash on Obama because he is a pussy.

Then I realize it’s the economy of the country where I live and that he is going to be the better choice between him and the republican next november.

At no one is talking about Obamacare now right? GOOD JOB DEMOCRATS.

I don’t think wiki has a page for “proper way to shove things up butt”

Wait, it crashed again?

(I shall make this new motto since, hey, it’s not like I didn’t have that sentiment to begin with.)

Oh, I’ve been laughing my head off about the credit rating being lowered, just because anyone who’s poor or middle-class that supports (modern-day) Republicans deserves it so much. So very, very much.

Please, I wasn’t talking about Wikipedia, much less endorsing them. There are other websites with regards to sexuality that aren’t necessarily porn sites. That I as a prude know this makes me pretty sure that they would damn easy to find if people would actually look.

Also, clarify “it”.

That was a riddle? Looked more like a reason to tell a dumb morbid story.

Anyone who tries to tell that and pass it off as a riddle should be hit.

Yeah, it is pretty lolz the Tea Party crap is what made them downgrade our credit rating.

So basically Obama and the democrats were pussies and then had the entire credit of the country get fucked up because of a bunch of dummies they couldn’t beat in congress.

God the Democrats are fagg0ts.

lol @ that “riddle”

The Market dropped 600 points two days ago. Wiki has everything by the way.

yo, you ever had an anal orgasm? also, have you ever sounded or sounded a dude or met someone that has sounded or sounded a dude? i feel in the twilight of my years i need to be penetrated somehow.

Perv Agent

The economic downward spiral has been coming down the the pipe since corporations decided outsourcing manufacturing jobs was a good idea. All this shit is happening on Obama’s watch, but I’m sure nobody could magically fix shit in one term. Republicans would just throw out more tax cuts, which would be like giving out cocaine and blowjobs on the Titanic.

yes and yes and maybe.

did sounding hurt? what did you use?

a little. I tried many times to use a qtip with the fuzzy parts taken off (as I have read as a recommendation online) but that never worked : /.

it was actually just this weekend where I read someone used the prong of a belt buckle and I tried that (after some washing of it) and got it all the way in (didn’t go too far tho of course). was interesting. a little painful for a bit. and the climax was heightened.

I sorta wanna try it more but finding a suitable object to put in there is pretty difficult. and professional grade sounding equipment is expensive (and you have to measure…and if you move up any in size the smaller one(s) that you paid so much for are now useless).
^some hits and “loler-bate”.

I’m gonna go ahead and give you permission to stop shoving things up your dickhole.

You’re welcome.

Ok, so I’m watching 90210 for the first time in a while…

WTH? Since when was Ken doll gay/bisexual?
WTH? Since when was Silver fucking the millionaire indian dude?
WTH? Naomi is fucking a nerd?

What happened?

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

HAH! Surfer Girl does weed.
Oh wow. Classic girl fight leads to both them falling the pool. I wonder when the “Fall into the pool Girlfight” first started. It’s such a staple now.

  1. He came out this season. After he was with Silver, he had feelings for some dude (Ian) and eventually came out to his friends. Surprisingly, there wasnt much conflict with the man crew when he did.

2 NAvid (Persian not Indian) was getting tired of Adriannas pop princess/fame overload so he had a fling with Silver secretly and now theyre together.

  1. Naomi was gonna fail some class so she got tutoring from him and gasp they develped feelings for each other. IT comes to a shocking revelation at te season finale (whether its fake or not)

Wow. 90210 ends off with Adrianna switching Silver’s meds with some other drugs. Fuck man. That’s WAY wrong. Even for a woman, that’s pretty damn vindictive and low.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

So the drama.

Here I am eating a bowl of ramen while watching Masterchef, seeing these awesome dishes.

I stare down at this bowl of noodles, and I mad now.

I don’t see how the Dems can possibly lose the election. The GOP is a giant mess and some idiot is probably going to win the primaries. Obama is relatively intelligent, well-spoken, and has the whole “we killed Osama, FUCK YEEEEAAAAAAAAH” factor.

American politics is becoming more and more like a circus.