SRK Lounge Ver. 19. Why doesn't my watermelon airhead taste anything like real watermelon?

Keep it going.

Awww…Papa Val closed down the fun.

Never been much of a candy eater

Airheads are amazing.

Mystery flavor is the best.

I also flapped them around to make them the giant ball.

Airheads always get stuck in my mouth, can’t really say I like them.

They make me feel inflated

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Blue Gummy sharks though. Those are the truth.

ny apparently doesnt need a reason to riot anymore lol

like the ones wit marshmello bottoms?! i dont eat candy but id eat this hell out of those.

Warheads are so good. If only Airheads made sour flavors…

Oh damn that would be amazing.

I think its marshmellow.

No idea what they are made of but god damn, blue crack.

seriously…blue fuckin crack

I still like traditional gummy worms best. Next would be Gusher type gummies, you know filled with a gooey center that pops when you bite em. Those are good.

I’m about 4 sonds into the new Sublime CD. I like it so far. I dunno if I’d say it’s very Sublime-y tho.

Edit: I think it’s the new singer Rome. He has a very different singing style from Brad so he brings a completely different tone to a song then Brad did. Gives them a really different feel. The album also feels safe. 5 songs in and nothing really off colour like Caress Me Down or Wrong Way, even just off colour funny like Date Rape. All just of safe, within the boundaries songs. I like it tho.

And as always the Drum n Bass are on point.

im more of a Sour Patch Kids kinda guy. Those things are about as awesome as candy can get

gummy sharks were bomb until i got some during the olden days when i ate rolls (E), boy did that fuck those things up for me. it was like some kind of crazy constantly growing monster.

I hated Gushers cause most times they were already gushed. If they weren’t gushed, they were stuck together like gems in Puzzle Fighter. Had to eat the whole thing because breaking them apart was too much trouble.

Of course this is because I got them from my high school cafeteria.

Nothing beats the old school TMNT fruit snacks.

Sour Patch kids are cool but they get super stuck in my teeth and after a couple hand fulls I’m sick of them and have to put em down…which probably a good thing but I digress.

So Will Smith and Jada-Pinkett split up, huh? Well, there goes another positive example of marriage in America. They seem like everything was so perfect, even their damn kids were successful.

“How come she don’t want me, man?”

Dude when he pulled the sculptor…:sad:

Really though, time to go hit up Jada. She is damn hot and damn underrated in her hotness.

i dunno why anyones surprised by this…they had an open relationship for years. divorce is logically the next step.