SRK Lounge Ver. 19. Why doesn't my watermelon airhead taste anything like real watermelon?

They didn’t get a divorce. Confirmed as false.

[COLOR=#01518e]“We are still together, and our marriage is intact.”[/COLOR]

Sour Bears and Sour Worms are great…but I can roll regular gummi worms too.

Who would divorce from Will Smith/

Jolly rancher sour is S tier

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Fixed. Seriously she looks like she fucks like a tiger.

the woman who is gurenteed to get half of that money.

I can see them both in divorce court and the judge telling Will that and his first response would be: [media=youtube]im_5QdHp04E[/media]

Sour Patch Kids and The Water melons ones

On the divorce front… wow…

I love me some Starburst. Gummy stuff is good too, and good for you!*

*Disclaimer: probably not actually very good for you.

Hey, they are still together btw

airheads are kinda sour

I don’t see how anyone would divorce a woman like Jada or Halle…I mean unless she tries to cut my dick off or we didn’t fuck for 5 years I couldn’t leave that.

^This is the truth. I usually keep a pack full of airheads, but they never last long.


need some diet candy…

edit: or hit the candy diet

I’m hearing 3SO (on PS3) has at least 2 frames of input lag offline.

Really sad to hear this.

Not surprising. I wonder if it’s from using certain settings, probably not though.

MvC3 and SF4 have different input lags depending on the system if I remember correctly.

God damn, I just spent well over an hour making stuffed shells. They better be good.

Same here, breaks my heart. I hope xbl is better.

Nonsense until I see some video confirmation of it.