SRK Lounge ver. 4 "Steve Buscemi haunts my dreams"

Week #4, let’s go.

It’s Buscemi, by the way, and it’s pronounced ‘boo-see-mee’, not ‘boo-shem-me’.

Don’t know what you’re talking about. Any time Steve Buscemi appears in my dreams, it’s magical.

We ride robot unicorns.

Hugo Weaving caresses my dreams…

Bitches don’t know about Bruce Willis, real talk.

What you know 'bout TPB’s and my Lord and Spiritual Exchequer, The Weaving?

As I see it.

They were in the fire? Damn, they must have ungodly amounts of shit clogging them up inside. Open the bad boys up and dust them out.

Also, I suck at Marvel :(. I got demoted from 9th lord to fighter just now… 73 wins to 83 losses.

am i seriously watching animal planet…damn you mike tyson.

i hope at somepoint in this series he says his pigeons defense is impregnable.

When ever I see Steve in my dreams (no homo) he’s in a orange jumpsuit riding a nuclear warhead on the boardwalk.

Yes I just combined 3 movies into 1 scene. :rofl:

I can’t wait for SRK Lounge ver. 5 tomorrow.

Steve Buscemi holds the whole world in his hands.

I feel bad that my kung fu movies got taken down again. I wish megavideo would let put them up in their funny format like they do with shit like this.

So does Harland Williams [media=youtube]vdDW2CErekM]YouTube - Rocket Man [1997[/media]

It’s okay most chinese/vietnamese websites have those movies up for like years…


Another sick new idea comes to mind for Modnation Racers… my next character shall be… a yeast infection! I’ve already looked up some pictures of it for reference. Maybe it could drive a “coochie-bread” car… or a Wonderbread delivery truck. Then…perhaps a colostomy bag character, Diarrhea with a chit’lins car. I was crackin(!) up at my “Bootyhead” character earlier as well (its mouth is an anus. It looks surprisingly realistic.)… I forgot all about that one. The diarrhea version needs to be made though…I’ll just add some shit juice drippin’ down off the hole. Haha, an ass-face character that’s drooling… classy.

awesome, I smell what the rock is cooking!!!

does this thread title have something to do with random peoples Buscemi sex dreams, or am I that outta the loop?

Fuck, its hard to smoke pot when you’re forced to live with your folks again. WTF :frowning:

Why aren’t we voting on what Valaris calls the lounge threads??? #5 better be called “Valaris wants your soul in exchange for a cookie”

Were you watching Monster House as well, Valaris? Or does this random title come from something else?

In other news, my thumb actually feels quite a bit better. Maybe because I didn’t do anything for the first 14 hours of today. Hurray at more last time that I’ll never get back (outside of really horrible circumstances that I’d rather not think about).

Steve Buscemi watches me poop.

i think i should name the threads. :cool:

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There does not need to be an SRK Lounge ver. 5: “Now, let’s examine this four page diagram of the perfect thickness-to-height calf ratio.”

Just watched Repo Man. Or, at least, I think I did. I’m not actually sure what the hell I just watched.

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Watching it right now. I had no idea what the fuck you were talking about until I just went channel surfing.