SRK Lounge ver 5 "Put on your sunday's best! Photon Cannon!"


Last time we left our zeroes, Clu 2 and Soviet were talking.



And Calf Agent.

Don’t forget his wit and insight.

As I see it.


anybody know where I could get a license plate with the flash logo? Google has failed me.


i miss the old thread


Still awaiting that video.


what video?


Of “the shortest skirt ever made”.


As I said, at worst he’s got SoTA potential.

It’s really win-win, regardless.

As I see it.


i bet it was short


so how long til interstitial ads show up here, thatll be the best



9… 8… 7… 6…


game over.

As I see it.


Sorry not a mind reader, what’s SoTA? Short of The Ass? Shoddy One Time Assshot… oh oh Son of Them All!


Now you’ve given him the option to Google the issue, and perhaps mitigate the damage. :\


As I see it.


you impatient bastards…it’s still uploading to youtube, and like i said, it sucks.

here you go: [media=youtube]ByW0SHoFih4[/media]


What the hell is an interstital add? Are those the ones that are like “Punch the monkey to win 1,000 dollars” type ads you get on websites of uh, questionable content?

Edit: Vids actually not too bad…Like it has a good clear shot. Bet Million saves it.


its when you click on a link, and then a full page ad starts to load where you have to click ot move on, as far as semilegit places i go, SA and gamespy do it to me on ocassion.


Oooooooh…Christ those ads fucking suck. I hope whoever invented them dies a horrible death.


it would have been nicer had I started filming while still in the liquor store. I turned a corner, saw that, and thanked God right then and there.

Whoever she was talking to probably wasn’t getting any from her, either. Poor fucker.


I’ve seen shorter.

In Barnes & Nobles, on a Saturday afternoon, no less.

But I live in Tempe.


I’d hit.

And Million will add that to his Collection For Erection. ?

As I see it.


I wish I could help you with this, just because I want to see that giant manly pickup truck of yours with a Flash license plate.