SRK Lounge ver IDGAF


I’m making this thread from the bathtub.


baths are incredibly inefficient usage of water



wait… :frowning:


RockB’s bathtub?


My god… he’s back.


I don’t give a fuck about The Invincible Swordsman’s gimmick.


maybe he wants to sleep with beyonce? o_O


This is me roleplaying:

"I don’t like her lipstick color. Her shoulders look like that of a skinny unfit person which means her calves are unsatisfactory.

2/10. Would smash but would brag about my nuts being on her chin."-Shaft Agent"

“I like her lipstick. I’d give her dem PURPLE RAINNNNNN strokes.”-Epidemic


“Me and my homies straight loungein’, celebratin’ every day no mo public housin. Damn right I like the way I live, cuz’ I went from negative to positive and it’s all good’”

Look, I’m Rabbit.

“Goddamn kids…”


Man, wtf you doin’ at work actually WORKIN’? You should be in here like the rest of us…:shake:


I was eating pizza and reading about montreal and thought about val and getting yelled at on a bus.

Then I thought “Man that place must be fun to live at”


Sometimes it feels like I am the only one who can see the lizard people.
Like seriously, I was on the bus, just mean mugging down this liz, the disguise was so flimsy. I could practically see the scales through their baggy skin.
Their cracked yellow fingernails and dry, slanted eyes.
So this guy comes up to me and asks if I have a problem…I say “yeah, I don’t like their kind, or anybody who sympathizes with them” and everyone looks at me like I’m crazy.
Long story short, I get thrown off the bus like I am some kind of monster.
THEY are the monsters.


Heh, I thought Val was dead.


Imma go the fuck to sleep


words go here so an infraction doesnt


Oh, word?


You know what’s funny? That bright red jumpsuit, chump.


montreal is fun

49 cent pizza for the win…WITH topic


NickGuy- I won’t be entering the MvC2 tourney.

White men can’t ROM.


why are you watching movies without caffeine assist :confused:

but yeah that movie was ass. I didn’t pay for it but I am still complaining. hope that was the last one and someday some other GOOD director with reboot it and go back to…THE MANSION.

“how it all began” :eek: