SRK Lounge Welcomes Your Shenanigans

Unless I say otherwise.

I will bring many shenanigans.

To the Hindenpeter!

Let’s eat at Shenanigans…

Unblockables, ready, die!

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Posting in a new Lounge. It’s about damn time.

So apparently Alan Moore is blind in one eye and deaf in one ear. I did not know this until recently. It would suck hard if they were on the same side.

Rangers are go. Im very interested in getting a red ranger hoodie

Lounge no longer have a version #?

Wow… this is uncharted territory we walking into.

new thread, but I still have to use the same old ass fingers to type. Life ain’t fair.


Alan Moore is the reigning UK Hobo fights Champion, of course he would sustain some injuries.

Also I was called the Red version of you earlier tonight, I don’t know if it’s flattery or insult honestly Goody.

That is pretty baffling.

Red? As in communist? Native American? #ff0000?

I think we lost count on thread volumes three weeks and seven threads ago.

This concludes my contribution to the thread.

Pokemon Red and Blue version

So we’re both swarming with tiny creatures, but my set of creatures is slightly different from his?

i wonder where P. Gorath and Will Gotti stand on all of this SOPA business…

Is it wrong to laugh when Simon from Alvin & The Chipmunks says marijuana?

Some dude linking me to news that we’re gonna have the strongest solar storm in several years coming our way.

I’m like PFF I’mma chill on the side of the Earth not facing the sun. Let the daywalkers deal with it.

Best pokemon version ever. There is still only 151 pokemon if you asked me. The rest does not count. :coffee:

Oddish the best pokemon ever

I stand corrected about my new thread statement in the last thread. :lol:


Looks to me like it’s early assumptions and how gems were pretty much the breaking point to a lot of people; and who knows how will it be with the whole DLC thing or if the preorder gems are early unlocks.

Not much to go by, to be honest.

I like a few of the mechanics that they’re trying to use to make it more Tekken-like like the special move charges (ki charges), counter hit properties of normals/specials being different and the bound system coming back in some form or shape. A few others makes me wonder if it has anything to do with Street Fighter or Tekken, but I’m indifferent towards them in general, like Pandora, which doesn’t seem as overwhelming as Ultras or X-Factor…for now; and Cross Assaults; which take even less time and is less useful than it was in SFEX3 - but I suppose it’s for the best?

Actually, I’m quite surprised how much the SF4 series to SFxT managed to lift a lot of concepts from the EX series, yet the latter hardly got much popularity at the time.

Whatever, though. Still looking forward to it…much like every other FG coming out this year, haha.

It sounds weird for sure, but I honestly wished there was another crossover like Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue and which isn’t just a long PSA ad.

I wonder how many kids actually were driven to do drugs after watching that shit? I damn near wanted to light a L after watching it. Fuck it, back to Next Mutation.