SRK Lounge Welcomes Your Shenanigans

I’m gonna pistol-whip the next guy that says shenanigans.

Shenanigans is a gravity/storm controller in City of Heroes. His entire goal is to see how many party wipes he can cause with his unholy griefing build before the team figures out he’s the cause, then slips away to find another hapless team.

Man, FUCK Grav/Storm controllers. Worthless primary, trollnificent secondary.

Sheeeit, I’m assembling my training montage on the ol’ mp3 player now… “Never Gonna Give You Up” made the cut.

*I applied earlier for what is supposedly an upgraded title/position at work, but once again I realize it’s not even worth the extra pay…because that increase is laughably small for all the extra responsibility that comes with it. Hopefully something else becomes available soon. Maybe the powers that be should realize there’s very good reasons that so few people even think of applying for that shit.

Why have Americans seemingly given up on Tennis? Athletes from other countries are routinely DOMINATING that shit. All we have of note at this point are the Williams sisters, and they’re on the way out soon, most likely. (*in the world of sport, they’re “old” now)

Kegs and Eggs.

Well I got a Nook Tablet hope it is worth the money lol.

I haven’t seen P Gorath post around here in awhile… :frowning:

agreed. I always found that stupid anyways. “Oh I am a pokemon master, and I travel the world researching pokemons. Oh wait, we just found another fully civilized island or something, and they have another 150 pokemons over there, including babies of the adults we have, that for some reason we never knew about before.”

I never come into these lounge threads. Should I knock first, or just sit down and act like I’ve been here the whole time?


Oh, my sweet dick… that SC5 thread.


I do not think I have EVER seen a thread wherein the marks simultaneously stroke off a company for horrid design decisions, with one hand, whilst castigating THE GAME’S SCENE for not wanting AIDS infected monkey dick violently shoved up their poop shoots, with the other.

Just wow.

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Get down…or lay down.

I was hoping the limit had been lifted. I guess it’s getting better, though!

Better that he get down.

Lest Sovi3t see an ass in the air, and mistakenly see a goal.

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How am I supposed to do that.

I’m down. Ass covered. Hopefully this Iron Man cod piece I ganked will be enough protection.

Cod pieces only cover the front.

You need a chastity belt… with Sovi3t involved, probably an Everlast.

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Ive been thinking of getting one soon too. To read comics on it and jot down some art ideas on the to with its mediocre little art program. I dont want something to do full pieces on but to be able to throw concepts and ideas down has me intrigued.

just harmed some krispy kreme glazed, too good.

Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile is no mediocre little art program.

Well, its big brother isn’t, at any rate.

The only thing Nooks truly lack for is a decent stylus - the ones out there are utter rubbish.

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Oh I didn’t know they had autodesk. Is that the one that is available when they have them on display at stores? The one I messed with had different colors and brushes and brush styles, I suppose I mean mediocre in comparison to actual photoshop lol.

Yeah I was thinking of finding some sort of stylus substitute i can use that the nook would recognize