SRK Mafia Game XIX Sign-up thread: SRK Meta Mafia (Cohosted with Reiraku)


Game starts in the new year. Co-hosted between myself and @Reiraku.

The scenario:

Due to a mishap involving McRib sauce, the SRK database gets corrupted. An unfortunate side effect of this is several malicious users have been shuffled around and given mod powers. The only way to stop them is to ban them before they can ban the real mods and outnumber the good users. Luckily, Vanilla is such garbage that banning someone can only occur once a day.

Our Mods (Village):

Pertho: Guardian Angel - At the beginning of the night phase, this Mod selects a poster. This poster is unable to be lynched until the following day. “Banning people is a last resort around here.”

Preppy: Database Analysis - Select one user during the night phase. At the end of the night phase, that person’s role will be revealed to Preppy. “Just give me the summary.”

DevilJin: Infraction - During the night phase, select one user. That user’s account will be deleted (see also: banned). Only usable three times before shit gets too corrupted. “I guess that one infraction was just enough to get him banned.”

Regular users: Pick a flavour character (or yourself), submit this via PM otherwise one will be assigned to you.

Our Trolls (Mafia):

Affinity: Obfuscation - Any examination will come up as a regular user. Mostly because this robot’s posts get buried so fast no one can read them. They never say anything important anyways. “Most Ultimate Misogyny Hyper Combo Finish!”

Po Pimpus: F----! - If this user gets banned, they select another user to get into a petulant flame war. Both users are banned. “It’s not bad DLC if I like it!”

StockyJam: Check up - At the beginning of the night phase, choose one user to “enforce.” That user will be unable to use their ability because they’ll be too busy at the local clinic wondering what those warts are. “Seriously, get tested.”

Third Party

WTF-AKUMA-HAX: Cult of Personality - Choose one user each night to indoctrinate. If alive at the end of the game with everyone indoctrinated, you win no matter which side is the victor.


  1. AlphaCommando
  2. Bious
  3. BullDancer
  4. Blindknagg
  5. chadouken!
  6. crucades
  7. Cyntalan
  8. NupoChromine
  9. Pertho
  10. Hecatom
  11. jasonC
  12. Raij1n
  13. DarkGeneral
  14. Missing Person
  15. Azure
  16. orochizoolander
  17. XthAtGAm3RGuYX


  1. Vynce


Didn’t know this was gonna be the theme, but pinned as per offer previously made.


Killing Mafia is usually my first priority, but I’ll be paying special attention to the third party this game.

Also got my av ready to fit with the theme. kInG oF pOsT '09eRs rEpOrTiNg iN.


Fuck Capcom, I’m in.


Yoooooooo. I’m in. Just to get lynched day 2.


I’m in.


Traditionally would be a proving grounds but this theme is too much fun to sit on. New players welcome as well!


I’ll sub.


If enough people sign up, I’ll add in a fourth role for both sides. (angelpalm and d3v stretch goals!)


What happems if I join and get assigned myself as my role and fuck it up?

Does that mean I dont know how to be me?


It means you can legit ban anyone who votes to lynch you outside of the game.


The real question is who would you choose to be for your roleless alias?


Fuck yeah, I’ll play.


*Will be a sub. Was hoping there was a Razor role for the troll side :frowning: *


In if Vynce is.

If Vynce is in:

Lynch Vynce.



See above.



Would that I could. I’ll be rooting for you!


Why can you not?

PM if needs be.

And Merry Yuletide, mang.


Just time, my man. I’d be half assing it at best. I don’t like to let on, but when I play, I spend a lot of time doing so. At the detriment of dates and family gatherings in the past XD.

Make this game one to remember, and deserving of a follow up, because I plan on having more time for subsequent games when the weather gets better.

And Merry Christmas to you and your South American queen!


Goddamn. I spend like 10 minutes a day on Mafia; 9 minutes on reading all the bullshit and 1 minute writing something for the sole purpose of not making me look bad.