SRK Mafia Game XIX Sign-up thread: SRK Meta Mafia (Cohosted with Reiraku)


Okay Nova

[sites one instance of faltering]

When you live in a continent filled with deadly jellyfish, flying foxes, aborigines, giant spiders etc survival is second nature.


>Proving Grounds
>JTM hasn’t played since February.



That might actually be a decent theme for a game; all the roles are previously used roles that fucked up. Mafia: Redemption.


Godonic the revedgehog.

Also @Azure are you in?


Would that make you the Vig? :coffee:


There’d be more than one role that would need redemption from my actions. Luckily there’s plenty of other fuck-ups that could be included in the game:

-The Grey Spy from Bious’ Spy vs Spy game.
-Missing Person’s HUNK
-Pimp Willy’s Hannes


@GodotsRevenge you wanna make a come back?


We have @“Missing Person” @BullDancer AND @CinnamonJTCrunch ?

Needs more @Vynce but… sure, why not?


As long as you do not die in the opening credits this time.

Yo’ ol’ Liu Lang ass. :karate:

Razor ought be a second Third Party role where his power is Double-Forgery: and each night he chooses both one Mafia and one Civ to flip their sides if investigated. Caveat: can never be the same two people in a row. Wins if down to himself and one of each. If investigated by either side, explodes from applied logic.


Cannot target HAX.


Awwww sheeeit… sign me up.


Manx’s Officer Barbrady


Actually isn’t this SRK Mafia XX because of Bious? Or are we pretending that never happened?


It wasn’t on SRK though right? I just went off the list @RadicalFuzz has in the leaderboard thread.


It was, it just wasn’t on the Monopoly Money Points. It started twice. I trolled the game by using the exact same posts to start the real game as I did the one that failed.


Pretend what never happened :3?


Spy vs. Spy.

Pick a version.


Oh that. I’d just count both versions.


Personally I’d take a Jion_Wansu village idiot roll.


Go ahead and put me in :tup: