SRK Mafia Game XIX Sign-up thread: SRK Meta Mafia (Cohosted with Reiraku)


I’m in


Let’s keep these sign ups coming!


blah, sign me up.


I hope more of the named roles follow your lead!


*The player roster is looking kinda brolic. *


Where dafuq is Forge?


Playing Stardew Valley.


Actually I’ll have to dip out, since I will be on vacation from the 3rd to the 10th, an Im guessing this game will overlap and not start after that


@ForgeDigger come in and take Willy’s spot.


Where are you vacationing that they lack wifi?

Sounds kinda like a place to not have a vacation.

Pimp Willy lookin’ real Wilson right now.



Shit, there are plenty of vacations I’d love to take where I could unplug. My wife and I really want to check out Peru and hike the Inca Trail someday.


He’s going on a 16 hour flight to Florida.


Photo from Pimp’s holiday:


@pietastic you wanna dust off your detective hat? Same goes for Chief (who I can’t tag).


@“The Chief”


@“Black Jesus”


Put me in coach


But not before he tells people to kill themselves. :coffee:


*Alpha is acting different than normal in the pregame.

Lunch: AlphaCommando*


Looks like I’ve got my first Vigi target.