SRK Mafia Game XIX Sign-up thread: SRK Meta Mafia (Cohosted with Reiraku)


@“Adam Warlock”

@“Random N Word”

@“now you know n word!”

@“Black Jesus”

@“The Chief”

Did I miss anyone?


Is Fuzz around here anywhere?


Fuzz will ever be the ST to Alpha’s Alpha [1].

And his Zordon. :coffee:




Happy New year nerds, why not try something new and sign up for a game of Mafia?


I’m in


Still room?


There’s usually not a player cap on Mafia games unless it has some specific player number due to roles/theme (e.g. Danganronpa).


And that roster was pretty freaking large.

Also one of the best games ever.

…as opposed to another game with a huge roster (MvC3).

…the Mafia game, not the fried chicken. :coffee:


I’ll think about it. When do the sign ups end?


Photo evidence from when I was trapped in the Matrix and everything had a green hue


Yep, I’ll add you now.

Let’s say sign ups close next Tuesday with the game starting on Wednesday or something.





Friend Chicken? KFC? Crispy? That’s as close as I can get to what that is supposed to mean. Color me confused.


That ain’t even a middlingly deeply hidden tell.

That shit is outright overt.

This is SRK Mafia.

C’mon, son.

Step yo’ reads up.


Should have an answer by the end of today


Oh if you’re starting next week I can actually play.


I’m gonna sit out. Have fun you guys :slight_smile:


Is pietastic ever going to come off of that temple in the mountains to show off his play once more?


I certainly hope so. We’ve got good numbers now but the more the merrier.