SRK Mafia Game XIX Sign-up thread: SRK Meta Mafia (Cohosted with Reiraku)


And here I was ready to try and play this seriously.


Bonus points if anyone actually gets banned as a result of this game.


I’m in. Last srk mafia game ever


Excellent. @Azure @“Missing Person” you guys in as players for the last ever SRK mafia game?

I’m revoking bans for this game so @XthAtGAm3RGuYX you’re welcome to play if you want.

Other players that should join in: @orochizoolander @WTF-AKUMA-HAX @“The Chief” @pietastic @GodotsRevenge


We fucking NEED @“The Chief” and @SWBeta for this.

@WTF-AKUMA-HAX needs to redeem himself with forum breaking page-breaking posts lengths

@orochizoolander too, if his work allows him to hit deadlines.

But seriously… @Vynce .

C’mon, mang.

Once more, into the breach.


@“Missing Person”

Tell your missus to hold the L for a week.

This is business.


I’ll jump in for this one. Last hurrah n shit.




DQ’d day -1. :coffee:


Put me in as an alt.

That’s the best I can do. Work is fucking ridiculous right now. Safe bet someone will drop out or DQ anyway B)


@Reiraku @CinnamonToastCvn

I guess I am back in.


*Bytches got to put food on the table.

…and bitches in their place. *


The hype is real. Let’s get some more OG’s in here. Or new players, idgaf.



I’m in. When do we start? and here or on the JTM site?

Vynce too busy to join, but will play at some point in the future on JTM.


Even if they have to work 55 hours (on the clock) a week, to that end. My fridays have been ending around 10:30-11PM, then I’m back to it on Sundays. I try to refrain from the internet altogether on Saturdays so I can give my wife my undivided attention.

I don’t mean to make things sound grim, to that end. Work is engaging and lucrative these days, and my wife is ineffably brilliant in every way.

Then there’s finding time to work on me.

And the other stuff I don’t want to bring down the mood with.




Reminder of the games start time. Sign ups close an hour before.

Get those flavour role choices into me ASAP.


Lynch Zoo.


@Vynce is a sub?

Abort Vynce.


Since when was I banned?