SRK Mafia Game XIX Sign-up thread: SRK Meta Mafia (Cohosted with Reiraku)


*I always respected how hard you worked to take care of your family.

@“Pimp Willy”

C’mon home fellas. *


join mufucka


I just assumed you were. Sign up anyway!


Yeah where My Bitch™ @Sumazndude at? :coffee:


Given the news today, I think I may have to adjust my ideas for flavor text. This could be fun.


@The%20Co-Jones JOIN


@“The Co-Jones”


Eh fuck it I’m down for one last ride. I’m probably gonna to the Alohacommando route and summon a Danganronpa personality for it.

Or I might resurrect Von Karma for the final game.

Maybe we can make it end of the world themed? If the game doesn’t finish before the site shuts down we never find out who actually won.


Fuck yeah.


We have decided to add two more power roles to the game given its size.

New Troll: Ash Crimson - Mafia Goon. (doesn’t really do anything, but everyone hates him!) “Huh, what’d I do?”

New Mod: angelpalm - Spoiler Alert. If lynched, the person who AP voted for that day gets their role revealed. “Oh he was a trump supporter? Fuck him then.”

@angelpalm feel free to join this game as well.


Is the game running already?


Game starts in a little under 3 hours.


Fuck Sydney Time.

Fuck Sydney in da kidney.


The game start time has been purposely set to PST/EST in every post I’ve made about it. There’s a fucking countdown timer as well.

Y’all niggas need to read.


Don’t read… FEEL, Cinnamon.


I’m going to close registration again and start to distribute role PM’s. Game thread will still go live at the previously mentioned time. Here’s the same counter again.


Yeah but when does the game start? :Toogs:


Game is now live.




day late and a dollar short. sorry, people -_-;

good luck



let evil prevail! bwa-hahaha[/details]