SRK Mafia Game XIX Sign-up thread: SRK Meta Mafia (Cohosted with Reiraku)


So… When’s the next mafia game?


So, i go for a few hours to my sister birthday party just to come back and see some people taking this hsit too personal, smfh


Hi Hecatom! How was the party!?


Fucking great my friend.
Had the chance to meet with some friends that i havent see in a while, plus some exes :rofl:


@Bious, how’s Danganronpa coming along? If you need more time, I can throw together a game. It will be the opposite of vanilla tho, as per usual for my games.


I have like 3 games in mind from some years ago, though i will need someone who writes the writeups because i am lazy as fuck when it comes to do them on english.


I might be down for a Danganronpa game. But honestly I think I can’t get into mafia because there is no evidence of anything. I like solving mysteries when there are puzzles pieces to find and put together. That doesn’t happen in mafia unless you get a detective role.


For the record guys, I wasn’t Vigi- my roll was Peppy, the analyzer. I tried to analyze Pertho first night phase but was enforced. Then I tried to analyze Alpha second phase, but he died while I was puking in the bushes after seeing SWBeta jerk off to a man. I had Azure in my sights for the third night, but then it all went to shit.

Anyway, I was having fun. I’m still learning y’alls’ personalities in the games and I’m always down to play. Shit is mad fun.


ggs lol


I will never get to learn this game with Azures constant coonery.


On this note, the #1 tip I can think of for all players is to vocalise your thoughts often. It’s better to post too much than not enough.


Don’t wallflower. It just makes the game lame.


I finished the roles but never balanced it. I’ll start working on that.


From my experience, there is no point of vocalizing often since you will usually get ignored because you are not considered a strong player and will more than likely end dead sooner rather than later.
In fact i usually survive more when i just speak enough to not be considered a wallflower yet not much to not bring attention to myself.

Add that 90% of the time those who are posting a lot of shit on the game are usually only waving their e-penis and having what are basically private convos between themselves and dismissing any other who comes into the conversation or jumping at them and bandwagoning at some point against them.

Not speaking much maybe frowned upon some players around here, but it is a valid strategy to keep oneself alive most of the time.


If you don’t have an important role, survival should come second to producing and gathering information.
If you do have an important role, you should be posting often to appear roleless.
If you’re Mafia, wallflowering is a super legit strategy in the SRK meta because people don’t post enough.

I agree that there may be too much focus around veteran players, but if vets are focusing solely on each other, they’re playing wrong.


Hm, I wonder what the opinions of @“Missing Person” and @Azure are on this new Mafia game.


Quit trying to shit stir.


Can someone unpin this so I can stop being reminded this game happened?