It’s not just “feels off,” for me, but inconsistencies with his ideology and his actions and holes in his logic at this moment.


My ideology has ever been thus.

You know that.

As does your little friend, riding your posts, with Ciscos. :coffee:


There is no lock, this game.

You keep throwing these mis-tells out there.

Either you’re playing at Zoo on an off day levels of bad, or you’re dirty.

And either way, we’re better off without you.

Lynch NupoChomine


Countdown reminder for end of day 2.


Jabs’ reads are terrible


That hurts, JC.


3 things here:

  1. He had 10 hours to make a list, that was more than enough waiting time. Especially since his response to my request was this:
  1. I wasn’t going to wait until I woke up (Aus time zone btw) to post my list. The more time people have to discuss information, the better.

  2. The reactions/discussions made by 12 other players is worth more to me than the list of 1.

I’m all in favour of getting rid of more wallflowers this early btw. It’s much easier to lynch a talkative Mafia later in the game based on what they’ve said and how they’ve voted.




Nupo being a fly about Alphas arse is a lil suspect to me atm, just saijin.


I’m voting to lynch Nupochromine because Alpha figuring out HAX was sick as fuck and i’m going to follow his lead.


I’m voting Raij1n tho.


I was being a fly because that interaction was really off to me (and because alpha’s suspect #3 under BD and Azure).


Eh, I’ve been mentioned as a suspect in a decent amount of posts, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I died today. Gonna go to sleep.


Or maybe mine are. I dunno, this game would be easy if you were totally wrong on reads instead of you being mafia.


I’m going with the former-most option.


My reads are never bad.

I am not Mafia.

Ergo, Jason…?

Maybe Alpha IS innocent, after all. :looney:


yea, I kinda want to vote nupo now. his town-to-scum list looked innocent enough at first, but I have no idea how he placed some of his reads; alpha’s made a little more sense but I dunno about DG.


crucades is weird too


Mafia probably has one point man out, and the rest are wallflowering.

i. e. the shittiest kind of Mafia to combat.


I still can’t get over (well i’m almost over) BD’s post during night phase; he’s just so fixated on roles, and that whole post looked like he’s directing his mafia team on a concerted strategy to flush out one of the civ roles