*Chronology of intended vote so far:

Alpha - Plan to vote Raijin
JasonC - Plan to vote BullDancer
Pertho - Plan to vote No lynch
Crucades - Plan to vote Alpha
Cyntalan - Plan to vote JC
Nupo - Plan to vote Azure
Azure - Plan to vote Nupo
Chad - Plan to vote Nupo
JasonC - plan to vote Raijin
Chad - Plans to vote for Raijin

Someone can double check to make sure this is accurate and that I didn’t miss anything.


That list is deceiving, but illustrates the order of posted votes. Talley wise it looks like:

Raij1n- 3


Well that accounts for 7/14 votes. That’s worrying.


*Intention was to show when who voted for who for wagonomics since so far we have low voter turnout. Once/if the MIA’s show up and if things change drastically we can analyze the flow of events and create a better association of events and deconstruct mafia’s modus operandi.

  • Right now the player I’d like to vote for most doesn’t have a single vote accrued and this is pitiful voter turnout that doesn’t give us a lot of data to work with to figure things out.

  • I just reread through the handful of posts that Raijin made and nothing jumps out at me except that he said he’d make a list of his suspects/thoughts on the game and then never returned to the thread. He did make a post in a different thread the next day, but he never made another post here. *


*I’m going too go ahead and put my vote on Raijin and see where Alphas read lead us.

Lynch Raijin *


Since there isn’t a consensus yet on who to vote i think that i will go with my own guts.
Lynch: Raij1n

Now i am going back to sleep
An old surgery has been killing me all day so i have to take some pain killers.
Plus that DBFZ open beta.


“Hurr durr i dont know who to kill” = hurr durr I’m not compromising civ lives when there are people with strong hunches.

Right now there arw a couple of stand offa in accusations between strong players. I’m not gonna ruin a civ victory just to make people happy by joining a bandwagon. The zoo thing was trolly but the current set of hunchea targets good players. Not about to lose the people that can help ensure a civ victory.


Tho Pertho you have no suspects at all right?


Ok this makes me uncomfortable. Are you voting for him because you think I’m right or because you don’t want the responsibility of deciding on a vote?


End of day phase, just tidying up the write-up now.


The last thing he remembered was trying to log into the SRK forums to see what was up. Then crazy purple smoke began to fill Raij1n’s room. Before he blacked out, he could hear mutterings of “showing him da wey”.

The sound of audible clicking woke him from his slumber. Raij1n lifted himself off of the dirt to find he had been left in an arena. All around him, Ugandan Knuckles were clicking in excitement. In his hand, he found his handy dandy sonic wrench. It was then that he realized he was back in the Hunger Games arena.

“Oh shit!” He immediately began to check his pockets for bolts to buy upgrades.

“Sorry buddah. Dats not de wey.” A Knuckles tribe yelled out to him. He began to run, dodging rockets, scorpion flails, and the various pitfalls of the arena.

“No three musketeers to save you dis time buddah. You must prey to find de wey.”

“Turretus! Turretus! Turretus!” The crowd chanted. That was when he realized that the attacks on him weren’t to hit him, but to lead him to his final destination. In front of him, two golden statues of armoury guns on raised platforms towered. Between the two, the other posters stood at a series of podiums in holocaust cloaks.

“What say you, Pertho?” DevilJin looked at his fellow board member with a raised eyebrow.

Pertho stroked his long, stately beard. "We, the posters of SRK have brought you forth before our God and have found your soul to be in judgement. Let those who would condemn you press the red button. Let those who would save you press the green button.

Raij1n looked hopeful for a second until every podium lit up with a grave red colour. The twin turrets began to turn and point directly at him, as though they were punctuating his very verdict.

“You have been condemned by this court. Your sentence shall be carried out by our god himself. May Turretus have mercy on your soul!”

A single tear fell down Raij1n’s cheek before twin beams of light turned his body to ash. His last words before vaporization were “We never should have given y’all niggas money!”

As the smoke cleared and the arena emptied, one Ugandan Knuckles Tribe looked at the smouldering pile that used to be Raij1n and said, “May you find de wey…”

Raij1n was lynched. Raij1n was: Pertho (Guardian Angel)!

**You dun fucked up.

Vote Tally:**
Raij1n (5): AlphaCommando, chadouken!, DarkGeneral, Hecatom, jasonC
Azure (2): Missing Person, NupoChromine
jasonC (1): Cyntalan
NupoChromine (1): Azure
No Lynch (2): crucades, Raij1n
Did not vote (3): BullDancer, Pertho, XthAtGAm3RGuYX

Failure to vote in two consecutive phases will result in a DQ.

It is now night phase. All actions this phase are locked once submitted!!!



Nothing beats the ‘have an important role and don’t post shit’ strategy. gj Raij1n.


Such an important role and he didnt say shit. I’m mad I didn’t die


My new plan is to lynch:
Hecatom, Chadouken, Cynt, Crucades, Pertho, and Xth

Crucades, Cynt, or Pertho first


Actually no, crucades, pertho, or xth


Eh, there’s no guarantee he would’ve been more productive later on in the game.


And of course he was pertho :rofl: :rofl:


Wait, I put in No Lynch vote super early, definitely voted. Foegot to PM it, my bad @Synonym


You are fucking kidding me, right?

Goddammit, Raijin.


Raijin: As Pertho playing The Damned.