And here I was trying to be clever with my Roleless Civ claim.


Can’t see sigs on the new mobile format btw.


Project much? :bluu:


Wonder who’ll be the first to “accidentally” forget to PM his vote.


Stickied as promised.



This mobile format is ass. Also I’m mafia. Come get me.


Lynch Bulldancer


I’m hoping that everyone’s joking, but for real all Lynch votes need to be submitted by PM.



We still get to post our lynch votes here too, though, right?

You’ll display who voted for whom too?

The meta of who actually followed through is strong.


Yoooooooooooooooooo tits.


You can post w/e the hell you want in the thread and go all meta if you want. Only vote that counts is the one you PM.


I’ll go with Azure as civ.


Raw dog is my personal favorite


Wait Zoo is playing right.

**Lynch Zoolander **

Might as well get it out of the way before he DQ’s.


We got Vynce waiting in the wings if he does.

I think it is reasonable to carry through on any hit that Vynce replaces.

Because Vynce.

I really wish The Chief was playing.


@“White Coreyander” I mean @“Missing Person”

Where be yea?



@s are okay, right?

They are the only way to get Zoo to respond half the time, even when he’s not running his no show low yomi strats in here.




A first page without Missing Person spam bothers the living fuck out of me, even if he HAS irl reasons.