Special thanks to NoodleHead for helping out with role balancing. <3

Once more, the rules. I have designed the game in a way that inactivity takes care of itself, but if there is an extreme case, I will personally eliminate you from the game.

  1. You MAY NOT edit your posts. Always make a new post if you want to add another thought.

  2. There are special roles in this game. I will let people know through PMs if they have a secret role and what powers the role has.

  3. You may not post anything I have PM’d you in this thread. That is cheating and if it’s done, you are automatically eliminated from the game.

  4. You MAY reveal your special role if you have one, at your own risk. It adds an extra layer of mind games to the equation. You cannot quote or refer to any PMs I have sent you AT ALL. Do not even type/mention the word ‘PM’ in that context in this game.

  5. MAKE SURE YOUR PM INBOX IS AS FREE OF CLUTTER AS YOU CAN MAKE IT. Especially Marvels. You’ll be communicating a lot through PM to decide who to kill in the night cycle. Not to mention I will obviously be sending PMs to people about their sides and/or roles, so you need your inbox free.

  6. Capcoms, you have 48 HOURS to get all votes in after the narrator has declared a day time cycle. Whoever has acquired the most votes at the end of the cycle gets lynched by the Capcoms. The amount of hours will not be extended for ANY reason. The FULL amount of time given in the round will pass before the Narrator continues the game, even if every single person has voted.

  7. Marvels and Special Roles that are active at night, you have 12 HOURS to get your kill votes in. However, if you get your votes in before the given time limit has been reached, the Narrator will continue the game. If you do not get to me in time, the game will continue without a Marvel kill or Secret Role power activation. Do NOT fuck the game up for yourselves and your fellow players, please.

  8. If there is a tie in day time vote tally at the end of a day phase, a “No Lynch” scenario occurs. The Capcoms choose not to lynch anyone and the day phase ends.

On to the Special Roles:

All special roles will have standard abilities and Level 3 Supers. Level 3 Supers are their ultimate abilities. When used, they come with a heavy price. Standard Capcom Citizens and Marvel Invaders do not have any special abilities.


- Okami Amaterasu
- Crimson Viper
- The Darkstalkers
- Albert Wesker
- Viewtiful Joe
- Sir Arthur

Okami Amaterasu:

Crimson Viper

The Darkstalkers

Albert Wesker

Viewtiful Joe

Sir Arthur


- Marvel Apprentice
- Dormammu
- M.O.D.O.K.
- Akuma
- Sentinel
- Dark Phoenix
- Shuma Gorath

Marvel Apprentice






Dark Phoenix

Shuma Gorath

Day 0: The Promised Day

Bodies are strewn along the streets, not unlike scattered grains on the ground tossed by a bird-feeder. Screams, howls, all manner of unearthly noise, produce a cacophonic symphony the likes of which can be said to be conducted by Blackheart himself. One could smell, and even almost taste the blood in the air as the wind blows over the murky fog in the area. There is no more accurate an image of hopelessness, despair, and chaos as this scene I see before me.

But how did this come to be again, I wonder?

Ah, yes.

I had been sent as a scout, to observe the events that were to transpire once The Dread Lord, Dormammu and his army had invaded this world. My master, cunning as can be, sent me to determine if the inhabitants of this world were able to fight back and stop the invasion. My only guess as to why my master would even care would be to determine if the planet had a high enough energy level to satisfy his perpetual hunger, if even only for a moment.

And so I was sent, to hide and live among the people of this world, Capcom, until the appointed time. It came soon enough. I sensed it was about time and looked toward the clear, blue sky. From azure to alizarin the sky turned, as just as quickly did it darken. A portal formed in the sky, and from it emerged, as expected, the ruler of the Mindless Ones. He immediately began his assault. One, two, four meteor showers, thrust upon the city below in quick, thunderous succession. Then along came his generals, in order: M.O.D.O.K, Magneto,and Doctor Doom. They began their assault immediately upon entering the atmosphere, but were not met without resistance.

Capcom’s defenders came from all corners and launched their counteroffensive. Leading them was Ryu, the legendary world warrior. He was backed by Dante and Trish, the demon hunting duo; Okami Amaterasu, goddess of the sun; Zero, Maverick hunter extraordinaire, and several others.

*The generals were sent to take care of Ryu and his elites, and the portal spurned forth more and more minions, clouding the sky with their numbers. When enough had spawned, Dormammu closed the portal and encased the city in a dimensional bubble. No one could come in or go out. *

*And so the battle began. *

The fighting was fierce and lasted for days. After those few days, both sides suffered grave losses. Magneto and Doom perished, as did Dante, Trish, Zero, and Ryu. Amaterasu had been joined by the few remaining people in the city, of which included Crimson Viper, Viewtiful Joe, Albert Wesker, Morrigan, Hsien-Ko, Felicia, and Sir Arthur. Akuma was rumored to be still alive, but no one had seen or heard from him a few hours after the invasion began. Dormammu, M.O.D.O.K., and several hundred mindless ones remained. Dormammu, with a flick of his wrist, dispersed the mindless army. “Your resilience is commendable, Capcoms,” he chuckled. “But it is time to end this.” He motioned to M.O.D.O.K. “Dormammu, the signal has been sent. If they recieved it, they should be here by–”

A flash of light brightened the entirety of the pocket dimension. It dimmed to a shocking display. Shuma Gorath, cosmic ruler of the Chaos Dimension; Dark Phoenix, true host of one of the most powerful energies in existence, the Phoenix Force, and one of Doctor Trask’s infamous Sentinels.

“… now,” finished M.O.D.O.K. “Excellent!” Dormammu exclaimed. “You have arrived, my allies. I take it you were able to reprogram the Sentinel as per my instructions?” “Your instructions were lacking and quite basic, but we were able to make due.” Shuma Gorath replied. “Then all is well.” Dormammu shifted his focus to Phoenix. “But I must say, I am surprised that the Phoenix herself responded to my call. I hope you understand when I say that I do not trust that you are here solely to aid my cause.” “You needn’t concern yourself with why I am here. You only need to know that I am on your side.” Dormammu remained calm. “… I see.” He turned to face the Capcoms. “We will finish this discussion later. We have more immediate matters to attend to at the moment.”

The majority of the remaining Capcoms, frightened by the sheer murderous energies that the newly arrived Invaders emitted, were frozen in place. The Invaders began their approach. One step. Two steps. Three. Four.

“Not a step closer.”

They stop, and see before them standing Okami Amaterasu. Her ‘voice,’ the wandering artist, Issun, climbs from beneath her fur to show himself before the Invaders.

“Look here, busters. You don’t wanna piss Ammy off. The line is where you’re standing. Take one step across that line and you’ll be sorry!”

Dormammu looks over to his right, to Shuma Gorath. Shuma shrugs. He looks over to his left, to Dark Phoenix. She shrugs. Then he looks behind to Sentinel. Sentinel is silent. Dormammu fixes his gaze on Sentinel.

“… … … … … … … Understood.”

You could almost hear a sigh from the giant machine as Dormammu steps to the side to make way, with a grin on his face.

Sentinel steps forward, and then… searing light. Even brighter than the light that accompanied Dormammu’s reinforcements. The light faded. Shuma Gorath exclaimed. “Ha! What was that supposed to do? Harm us?” Dark Phoenix was the first to realize what had happened. “We have lost most of our power.”

“That’s right, ginger!” Shouted Issun. “Ammy has sealed most of your power away. Now you guys are not even a match for our group here.”

The Capcoms bellowed a victory shout as they charged Dormammu and the others. “I suggest a swift retreat,” Sentinel monotonously stated. “We will return, Capcoms.” And with a snap of his finger, a portal appeared, sucked Dormammu and co. in, then closed. The dimensional bubble dispersed.

The Capcoms cheered and thanked Amaterasu. C. Viper, impressed, walked over to Amaterasu. “Good thinking, Fido. I’m impressed. Give me a shout if you ever need help.” “I’ll also do what I can to help, in my own way.” Viewtiful Joe added. “And you have my shield.” Arthur professed. “We’ve got your back too, sister!” exclaimed Hsien-Ko as she motioned toward a nodding Morrigan and Felicia. Wesker was nowhere to be found. “It’s getting dark. We should all find shelter and get some rest. Then we’ll figure out what to do when morning comes,” I added. To them, I was a standard Capcom Citizen, but little did they know…


We all woke up and met up at the town square. The Capcoms were not happy. Pegged to the Mega Man statue in the middle of the square, in crucifixion fashion was a dead Capcom Citizen. There was a message written on paper in blood and nailed to the victim’s forehead. A Capcom Citizen climbed up and grabbed the paper. Upon grabbing it, the dimensional bubble returned and enveloped the city once again. The Capcom read the note aloud:

‘You have triggered our trap. Look amongst yourselves. You have been cursed, and are now unable to tell once person from another. Due to Amaterasu’s theft of our power, you have forced our hand. We are going to eliminate you all, one night at a time. Oh, and count your numbers. Dormammu.’

The Capcom Citizens counted their numbers.

“There are more of us. Do you think that they are among us?”

“Most likely. Without most of their power, they can’t do anything to us, so they had to resort to this foolish trick.”

“They can’t attack during the day because we’re on high-alert, not to mention Ammy is more powerful during the day time.”

“And they know we can’t stay awake forever, so they’ll attack under the blanket of night…”

The Capcoms all looked to each other, and one stepped forward.

“The only way we can end this is if we kill them before they kill us. I propose… a LYNCHING. For every time the bastards kill one of us, we’re gonna find kill one of them the very next day. Sacrifices are going to have to be made, but it’s the method with the best chance of most of us making it out alive.”

The group must have thought it was an excellent idea, because they all cheered after the citizen’s suggestion. They demanded to begin voting for a lynch immediately, as retaliation for the first Capcom death. I took to the shadows and reported what had transpired to my master.

“… and that’s what it has come to, Lord Galactus.”

“Interesting. You will return to my side at once and we will watch from afar. I do not want Dormammu to notice your presence. When the time is right, I will send you back. Now come to me, SWBeta.”

And thus, the lynching began.

Pistol Shrimp
great cow lord
Pimp Willy
Hugh Mad
Black Jesus


Capcoms, you have 48 hours until the Day Time Phase is over.


[]Day 0: Noon
]Night 0: You Mad?
[]Day 1: Mathlete Assault
]Day 1: Noon
Night 1: Stalemate

Oh wow, Crimson Viper again. Cool game, bro.

Anyways, I’m following PapaRhino tonight and Amaterasu should rejuvenate me.

Vote for no lynch, obviously.

Hugh Mad.

Ahahahaha pretty cool write-up gl to the rest of you guys.

Oh dear lord… SWB didn’t reshuffle the roles…

Anyways its pretty dumb for the cop to come out this early so the hell?

Nice! Let the games begin. Liking how the power revamps are looking…excited to see this in action.

[FONT=arial]Whoops, there’s already activity…should have refreshed before I posted.

Wait, what just happened here? Did our UC just come out? Good god, I hope that Amaterasu is not some inactive who isn’t going to read this in time…

Or is this some crazy mafia ploy to try to drive the real UC out of hiding? If so, might I suggest that the real UC stay hidden for a few rounds and we tackle this later? :confused:

FlyingWonkey, roles were reshuffled so far as I can tell.[/FONT]

I am claiming role early while Ama stays secret. As long as she protects me it won’t matter and I can reveal people. Feel free to counterclaim me if ya’ll want. IDGAF. Like I said, I am tracking Rhino tonight and voting no lynch.

Hugh Mad.

I might suggest not saying who you’re tracking – the manipulator role (MODOK) can easily screw with your investigation with their mental manipulation standard power, according to the write-up above.

I assume that Ama can protect you from both the standard night kill AND the “no lynch” special kill, right? Her protection lasts the whole night, not just through one attack?

What about MODOK then? He can reverse your results…

Lynch u-mad

Why? Three reasons.

  1. His story doesn’t add up. Revealing his role immediately forces Ama to save him. If the Mafia knows who Ama is saving, they get to lynch whoever they want for free.

  2. Citizens always have a numbers advantage. A no lynch in the first round is a waste of a night and allows the invaders to whittle our numbers down.

  3. Revealing who he is investigating just gives M.O.D.O.K. the chance to counter it, making his entire effort worthless. A terrible, terrible move.

**Lynch u-mad. **

Liar! He’s mafia.

But seriously, nice write up.

I was planning on tracking someone else instead of Rhino to avoid MODOK’s ability. Way to troll me guys.


Hugh Mad.

I thought you weren’t allowed to edit your posts u_mad…

Anyways his rolecall is dodgy as high hell and I’m not diggin his counter lynch either. Hella suspicious.

You are right. I deleted it.

Also, Black Jesus confirmed for scum. Only mafia would advocate lynching people without any information as to who is mafia on the first day. The probability of hitting a villager is three times that of getting a mafia.

Lynch: Black Jesus.

Get on my level.

Hugh Mad.

And only an invader would encourage people to vote no lynch, giving the invaders an extra kill for the night via Akuma. STEP YO GAME UP, SON!

Which is why I changed my no lynch vote. Obviously some Crapcom Citizens will have to step up to the plate and take one for the team. Losing some shitty civilian is better than randomly offing Ama.

Hugh Mad.

No, I think you changed your vote because you fucked up hard, and early. You better get your Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte on because all you got is 48 hours.

Railroad counter-lynch on the first day seems like a good strategy for the citizens.

Hugh Mad.

Reminder: Don’t forget to bold your lynch votes or else I will not count them.

Black Jesus is making a lot of sense so far, however I still remain undecided.