Srk mafia iv : shoryuken' summer sign up

First off, I want to apologize for making this thread later than the expected time. Secondly, want to thank everyone who’s going to sign up and going to participate in this game in advance.


  • As you can tell from the title of the thread it’s going to be a summer style theme,seeing how we’re in summer season right now, it only seem appropriate.

Sign up

  • 20 people sign up cap.
  • 15 civilians, 5 mafia

Special Roles


  • Undercover

  • Each night can choose to check one person to see if they’re a civilian or a mafia member.

  • Day Medic
    -Can save/protect a person from a day lynch. Can not use his powers on himself.
    ( When you put your day lynch pm to me, also include who you would like to save)

-Night Medic

  • Can save/protect a person from a mafia night kill. Can not use his powers on himself.


  • Will be able to kill once only when a medic die. So it is possible for the Vigilante to get a
    total of two kills,one for each medic.


  • Really isn’t a special ability to the leader. I will only accept the mafia’s PM night kill
    from the leader,no one else.

  • Bully

  • Biggest guy in the mafia group, this person’s day lynch vote on one person only, no
    splitting of the votes, will count as two instead of one. It is optional if the Bully does
    not want to count his vote as two, but instead of one. He must tell me that in his PM
    day lynch vote.

-During a day lynch. If this person happens to die during a lynch, he can choose one other
civilian to die with him. However, if the Day Medic is protecting that person, the T4T dies
alone.( When you put you day lynch in, also include who you would like to kill just in case
you die as well)


  • Unless you’ve played the last mafia game I made on Bombedon, I think it’s only Noodle and
    Icege has, voting will be done via PM. I will only accept your votes via PM. All votes are final
    when you PM me for that day. You can say whatever you want on the thread on who
    you’re going ,but you when you send me your vote it’s final.When sending me your PM lynch vote, please put in subject/topic bar day # lynch and in the body put who you would like to vote for.

During the write up for the day I will list who voted for who.

ex: votes----> who lynched for him
mark---------> sally,mike,paul, jasmine,craig

any question please ask in the thread before signing up.

6.Black Jesus
11.Pimp Willy

Also , when the game starts no editing of post! If I or another person, catches you, with proof, I will eliminate you from the game.

In, sir. Although if there are more than 25 people and an SRK regular wants to play, I’ll gladly give up my seat.

I’m in on this one

I’m in

I’m in

Good luck everyone!

Why not? Sign me up…

Since this is the opportunity to ask shit…

Can Mafia members communicate via PM?


I’ve only ever lurked games like this, and I’d like that to change. Save me a place plz

Anywhere I could read up on rules? I’ve always seen these threads and read a bit, but never knew how it actually works.

Sweet, you already got me on the list.

Odin: rules for my game are on the my first post.

If you’re looking for the actual facts and formats to a standard mafia game :

@bulldancer: yes mafia members are the only people that can talk to each other via pm/aim/ any other way to communicate to each other. hell irc a mafia room~

so far so good. 11 more spots to fill if not, i’ll make it 20 person cap.

I’ll join if you’ll have me.

Good to be back. Hopefully some of these names I don’t recognize will fully participate…Is SWBeta gonna be in this?

AGH i want to play but I’m going on vacation soon.

Kaz, well most of the people you don’t recognize are from TZ. I know they’ll participate, oh God do I know~
I don’t know if he’s going to join or not, would be nice if he did.

Sacr3d, you’re not going to have internet connection where you’re going at? Well it’s prob. for the best; why stress yourself over a mafia game when you should be relaxing on your vaca~

I swear to god If I catch another edit occuring…

/sign in

just got home and hella salty from wolverine domination at ncr


I’ll sign up. Are we starting this soon, cause i’m going to be in japan in august probably without too much internet

So down, keep the non-reg scrubs the fuck out of this shit though.