SRK Mafia IV: Werewolves vs Vampires Sign-Up thread

Alright, so we’re coming up on our 5th mafia game. We’ve had some simple straight forward games, and we’ve had some nice complex games. Time to step it up a notch. This will be a very action packed round of Mafia.

Mafia: Werewolves vs Vampires edition
Game Overview
Heres the basic idea: 3 Faction mafia game. Werewolves, Vampires, and Townsfolk. Werewolves and Vampires start small but can grow their faction, Townsfolk start strong but lose people to both factions as the game goes on.

We will go for a game with 25 people.
Vampires/Werewolves start out with a leader, and 2 initiates. Initiates can be promoted into a more advanced role at night granting those factions more powers.

The remaining 19 people will comprise the Townsfolk

During the day phase, the townsfolk will get together and decide if they want to lynch somebody or not. Players will post in the thread thier vote by BOLDING the name of the player they wish to vote for. Votes may be changed up until the deadline. The day phase will last 36 hours and end at the same time the whole game, 10:00 AM PST.

During the night phase, players may still talk in the thread but no votes may happen. All players/factions with night actions will PM me with their choices for what they will be doing. The night phase will last for 12 hours, and end at the same time the whole game 10:00 PM PST, after which the day day phase will start.

Hopefully keeping the phase times standardized helps people plan ahead and remember to participate.

Players who go inactive for 2 phases without voting/posting will be removed from the game and banned from all future SRK Mafia Games.

Lynch Votes
Players must cast their vote in the thread by posting who they are voting for, and bolding the player name. The player who receives the most votes will be lynched. In the case of a tie no lynch will occur. Voting No Lynch is valid and allowed throughout the entirety of the game.

Werewolf/Vampire Factions

Each Faction starts with 1 special role, the leader and the 2 starting initiates. These 3 will know each others identity when the game starts. As new initiates are created through the Bite skill, they will only be given contact with 1 Werewolf/Vampire and may Private Conversation that person. If the master is killed, the faction leader may transfer them to a new Master, or kill them off as they wish. This is to protect the identities of the faction from cured vampires/werewolves, so care must be given as to who is revealed.

These factions get multiple actions per night: 1 Major, and unlimited Minor. These abilities are only allowed if they have the corresponding role. If that role dies then the faction loses access to that ability.

Major Actions:
Bite, Assassinate, Promote

Minor Actions:
Stalk, Bodyguard, Shapeshift, Dominate

Vampire/Werewolf Roles:


A Werewolf/Vampire team wins if they have more than 1/2 of all remaining players left in the game

[SIZE=3]Here are the townsfolk roles.[/SIZE]

Townsfolk Roles

Special Rules
-Certain pairs of roles will be known at the start of the game. Doctor/Priest, Soldier/Jailer, Fortune Teller/Witch are known to each other and may PM eachother
-Doctor/Priest, Soldier/Jailer, Fortune Teller/Witch are immune to bite only while their counterpart is still alive.

Town Hall
The Town Hall will play an important role. Targets who are inside of the Town Hall at night may only target other people inside, and those outside may only target other people outside. The Shapeshifter role is the exception to this; if a shapeshifter is inside of the townhall they give their faction access to target anybody inside of it. If the mayor is killed, the key goes with him and the townhall is no longer able to be used

Last Gasp
When a townsfolk is killed, they are able to make a last gasp. PM me with your message and I will post it into the thread; do not post into the thread yourself. If you feel the need to make a post in game after your death, keep it non game related (“nice game guys”) and keep it to one post only. Posting anything game related after death will result in a ban from all future SRK Mafia Games

The sign up thread is also used to clarify any questions we may have before the game gets started since it’s a lot to digest, so feel free to ask if you see something contradictory or confusing. These rules have gone through a few iterations so something might have gotten mixed in the shuffle

**You are not allowed to edit any post you have made, instead make a new post. Even for innocent changes, post editing looks suspicious. Anybody caught editing posts may be killed and removed from the game pending review and evidence

25 spots are available, they will be filled on a priority basis. Players who have played and been active in past games will be given first priority to play. New Players and players who have been inactive in the past will be lower on the priority list of available spots. Lowest priority goes to people who have only registered recently or who are not well known in GD; if you don’t have anybody willing to vouch for you then you will probably not make the cut. Remember inactivity ruins this game

People Banned from Playing (If I’m missing any let me know):

People Interested in Playing


Player List

  1. Bulldancer
  2. Sovi3t
  3. Pistol Shrimp
  4. Doofenshmirtz
  5. Code=Blue
  6. Kaz
  7. Wyde
  8. Syke1
  9. PuFF
  10. Black Jesus
  11. Bious
  12. NSauce
  13. Great Cow Lord

Above all else let’s have fun; this is a game of mindfucks and twists where you’re screwing other players, but keep the drama in game and don’t take anything personally

And damn I fucked up the title, it should be SRK Mafia V not IV and the new forums don’t let you edit titles : P It’ll be fixed in the actual game thread

Argh, that font color in the first post…

Can’t see on black background…

It’s all G though… wish this could’ve started when my life started to wind down, but C’est la vie…

Put me in son…

I’m in, but I really won’t be on much…just possibly in the morning, and at night, and during my breaks at work.

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I’m in.

Am I still banned?

I’m in.

Man this one seems cool too =( stupid South Dakota taking me away

Vampires vs. Werewolves?
Hell Yeah!! Sign me up please. :smiley:
Soooo many roles too :love:

Sign me up as well, sounds like fun

Quick question, does everything learned or suspected in the course of the game have to be shared publicly or can information be passed to certain individuals through PM? I have only ever played this game live, so i imagine tactics are drastically different.

Nigga you know I’m in.

Also two things:

  1. You should add the “no editing post” rule unless I just missed it.
  2. How are the minor roles/skills assigned. It says something about corresponding roles but I’m completely confused by this.

IMO starkilled and orochi should be banned from playing.

No offense to you guys, but its blatantly obvious how notorious you guys both are for being MIA in games like this.

Why would it be any different any other time?

Willy sign me up.

Lol, people get put on blast already.

Not trying to put people on blast, just telling it like it is. Who wants a game ruined by inactivity by the same people every time?

I’m just saying that because it seems those people ALWAYS get special roles, while I stay getting worthless ones.

Lol I know. Just thought it was funny.