SRK Mafia: signups


So yeah, Going to be changing a few rules and we’ll see how it goes. Also a cohost to enforce deadlines would be much appreciated


[details=Spoiler]1) This game is NOC (no outside contact) Do not talk to other players outside of the thread unless your Role PM allows you to.
2) 72 hour day phases/24 hour night phases. No nighttalk.
3) Hammer game: you require a majority of votes in order to lynch a player. If no majority is achieved, there will be a no lynch
4) The game starts on Day 1.
5) If you do not want to lynch post in bold "No Lynch"
6) Players will flip their role and alignment on death.
7) Mafia must submit a nightkill each night. If they do not, the kill will be randomized.
8) If you are roleblocked, you will be notified.
9) One mafia member may not use a role ability and take the factional nightkill during the night (unless one member remains)
10) You may not self-target with any ability.
11) Don’t edit posts. One warning before modkill.
12) You must make a CONTENT post every 24 hours. If you fail this I will prod you. 3 prods=force sub
13) Don’t be lame, and try to be civil. I will give out warnings if conduct gets dubious.

This setup will be semi-open. 9 town 3 mafia. At least 4 have no role (this includes mafia goons) Here is a list of the POSSIBLE roles in the game.



  1. Crucades
  2. Chadouken
  3. jasonC
  4. Korbidon
  5. AlphaCommando
  6. Bious
  7. Azure
  8. Cyntalan
  9. forte95
  10. highlulu
  11. maybe blindkagg?


EDIT: i added some new rules so check them


Gotta get that practice in!


I’ll play again!


sure why not


I’m in again.


Holy fuck those phase lengths. Gonna play to see what Pokemon is used to. You should probably change the name of the thread to the theme of the game though.


Lynch AlphaCommando


Eh, I need to play a game after that fiasco. I’m in.


have you seen mafiascum? Two week or three week day phases and 3 day night phases. Those games can go on for like 3-4 months on average and the bigger ones can go 6+


@“Missing Person” get yout anemic arse in here, and I’ll give it another go, as well.


Put me in, coach!


Oh shit, 72-hour day phase? I can join.


Havn’t played in a long time and i have free time at work again… so sign me up!


@“Missing Person”


Enter the drago… err… Enter the Drag?

Just get in on this game, yo.


@Pokemon123 Gonna have to try harder than that dude.


@“Missing Person”



yeah not really sure how to convince people. I was pretty tempted to just post “bump” in hopes that people would see the thread again but you did!

Going to wait for one more day before I start bugging people!


@Hecatom you want in?


Think MP avoids SRK as much as possible to reduce the amount of hate he receives for Street Fighter Crash.


If there’s still a spot open by the end of the week I’ll join.