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Alright, prissys, let’s make this work. OP quoted from the one I played some years back, with my own added changes in bold-italics:

A few changes and additions…

-Extreme inactivity will get you kicked/eliminated from the game.

-There are secret roles in this game. When I let people know through PMs if they have a secret role.

-You may not post anything I have PM’d you in this thread. That is cheating and if it’s done, you automatically commit suicide, eliminating you from the game.

-You may not reveal your secret role if you have one. First of all, that’s stupid because you’re putting a big target on your ass for people to lynch/kill you. Secondly, and it may, and probably will, break the game. You may hint that you have a secret role, but you can’t flat out say that you are so and so.

-Make sure your PM inbox is as free of stuff as you can make it. Especially mafia members. You’ll be communicating a lot through PM to decide who to kill in the night cycle. I will obviously be sending PMs to people about their sides and/or roles, so you need your inbox free.

-You have 48 hours to get all votes in after the narrator has declared day time. If the required amount of votes are not met, a NO LYNCH situation is deemed, and the game advances to the night time.

The Players:
SogeKingu LOCK ON!
supreme jd
I Am Lothar
Drunken Geordie
#8 With Hate
The Electrifying One



This game is fun, (played it with a deck of cards in person) but I dunno how well it would work out on a forum… not to hate =(

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Im down.


I’m down


You’re in, Puff.

I’ve played the forum version and it works fine. There are some things to watch out for and also some things out of the narrator’s control, but if everyone follows the rules, all should be well and everyone should have a great time.

Negro Edit: You’re in, kane_warhead.


Come on, peeps. Let’s get those sign-ups in.


Sign me up.


I got you, ShinAkumax.

I’d post the link to one of the forum mafia games I played, so peeps could see how epic it got, but I’m worried that it might give people ideas. If Ryusuke is still around, he can vouch for how vicious it was–he played that same mafia game with me back then. SogekinguLOCKON also played that same game with us. I’ll have him post up.

This is such a fun ass community game.

Also, I will make a few changes to the rules when 15 people join.


SWbeta wins

The first mafia game for this forum

A brand new world! Sign me up!


Go ahead and sign me up! You know Im down. Maybe we can get some vets from bombedon to play… then again, I cant wait to match minds with SRK’s finest!


SogeKingu and Ryusuke are in!!

Come on peeps, we need at least 9 more people to sign up.

Ryusuke, if you can get some bombedon peeps that are also on srk, that would be gdlk. Haven’t been there in a hot minute.


I’ve seen a few variations of this on other forums and I’ve always wanted to try it. I’m down, sign me up.


Ok, so that’s me and sofa, now to see if delaney will do it…

prepare to have some fun, jd…


I’m down.


supreme jd and RoninChaos are in. Goooood shit!


I’m game.


PapaRhino is in!

At least 6 more peeps then we can start!


Can I still get in? this sounds interesting and fun.


I’m in.



lothar and starkilled are in!