SRK Mafia VI: Zombie Apocalypse - Game Over! (Directed by M. Night Shyamalan)

You’re surviving in a zombie apocalypse. A group of survivors have managed to hole up in a local mall, surviving the onslaught of the zombies. After 10 days of survival, somebody notices that their defenses have been sabotaged, and a death cult lives among them trying to get everyone killed. It is up to the survivors to find and eliminate the threat to their safe haven before they are wiped off the earth…

Overall game idea (if you’re new to Mafia games):
20 people get thrown into a situation where you don’t know who to trust. Each day the town gets together and decides to kill somebody, to try and find the cult. After a vote, the person with the most votes is tossed out into the zombie horde to be eaten alive. At night, everyone goes back to their beds to sleep, and the Cult get their turn to kill people. If the Cult outnumber the Town, they win the game. If the town kills all the Cult, they win. You win or lose as a team, not individually, so do your best to help your team out!

19 Person sign up
15 Town
4 Mafia


The game will cycle between day and night phases. In order to keep things consistent, we will be running a 48 hour cycle split into 2 phases, which will always start/stop at the same time.

Day phase will last 36 hours (9PM to 9AM pst). During this phase, players must decide who they want to lynch. All votes are done privately through PM. People with day abilities must PM their choices by the end of the day phase.

Night phase will last 12 hours (9am pst to 9pm pst). During this phase, the Cult must decide who they want to kill. People with night actions must PM their choices before the deadline.

Talking is allowed during all phases.

No Lynch is always a valid voting choice at all phases of the game. Your choice must be PMd to me by the end of the day phase. Votes cannot be changed once PMd. Include your day ability choices in the PM (though you can vote and wait on your ability if you feel the need to)

Votes will be publicly revealed in the thread at the end of the day phase.

Last Gasp
When a townsfolk is killed, they are able to make a last gasp. PM me with your message and I will post it into the thread; do not post into the thread yourself. If you feel the need to make a post in game after your death, keep it non game related (“nice game guys”) and keep it to one post only. Posting anything game related after death will result in a ban from all future SRK Mafia Games

People Banned From Playing:
Papa Rhino

Special Roles:

Cult Roles


Responsible for nightly kill vote submission. Always turns up innocent when investigated.

Each night, can target one person. That person is unable to use their night action.

Targets somebody during the night phase. That person will turn up investigated as innocent if they are Mafia, guilty if they are town

Witnessed Cult Member:
This person was witnessed at the beginning of the game as a cult member. Will be revealed to the Witness after night 3.
Investigates somebody during the night phase. If that person is the Witness, their role is revealed to them.

Town Roles


Each night, the Sheriff can investigate one person to determine if they are Cult or not.

Can protect one person from a night kill, however they cannot protect them self.

Teen Lovers (2 people):
These teens were in love, and were aware of each others identities prior to the apocalypse. They start the game knowing each others identities, and are allowed to have a private PM conversation to represent their sexual exploits. If one of the two is killed at night, the identity of the other is revealed to the killer.

Psychotic Redneck:
Each night, the Pyschotic Redneck can take matters into his own hands. They may target somebody at night and kill them.

Black Guy:
During the day phase, the Black Guy may sacrifice himself to save the person who would have been lynched. He takes their place instead.

The carpenter is the person responsible for keeping up the buildings defenses. He helps to keep the zombies at bay. If the Carpenter is killed, then the Cult is given 2 kills at night instead of 1 due to the reduction of defenses.

This person actually witnessed the cult member making the initial murder. Due to shock, they are unable to remember the events clearly. The identity of the Witnessed Cult Member will be revealed after night 3 to them (if they are alive).

Cult Sympathizer


Cult Sympathizer:
The Cult Sympathizer wants to join the cult, but doesn’t know the identity of any cult members. During the night, they may present themselves to a target. If the person is a Cult Member, they are accepted and become a Cult Initiate. If the person is a not a cult member, then their identity is revealed to that one target.
Special: The Cult Sympathizer cannot win the game if the civilian wins; If the cult wins, even if they don’t successfully turn, they are considered to have won the game.

[S]1) Ben Perkins[/S] (Nurse)
[S]2) GBS Giovanni[/S]
[S]3) Cyntalan[/S] (Cult Leader)
4) Exodus (Teen Lover #1)
[S]5) Oerba[/S] (Teen Lover #2)
6) Sovi3t (The Psychotic Redneck)
[S]7) DaRabidDuckie[/S]
[S]8) SWBeta[/S] (The Witness)
[S]9) Shinkuu Tatsumaki[/S] (Black Guy)
[S]10) Orochizoolander[/S]
[S]11) Doofensmirtz[/S] (Forger)
12) Bulldancer
[S]13) Kaz[/S] (Witnessed Cult Member)
14) Redbeard
[S]15) Bious[/S] (Sheriff)
[S]16) Dramatix[/S] (Cult Enforcer)
17) Black Jesus (Carpenter)
[S]18) Missing Person[/S]
[S]19) SikWidIt[/S] (Civilian)
20) LimeGreenPatato (The Cult Sympathizer)

Day 1 Lynch


Dramatix - Cult Enforcer

Night 1 Psychotic Redneck Kill


SikWidIt - Civilian

Night 1 Cult Kill


SWBeta - The Witness

Day 2 Lynch


Ben Perkins - Nurse

Night 2 Cult Kill


Missing Person- Civilian

Day 3 Lynch


Shinkuu Tatsumaki - Black Guy *sacrificed himself

Night 3 Psychotic Redneck Kill


Kaz - The Witnessed Cult Member

Night 3 Cult Kill


GBS Giovanni - Civilian

Day 4 Lynch


Doofensmirtz - Forger

Night 4 Psychotic Redneck Kill


Orochizoolander - Civilian

Night 4 Cult Kill


Oerba - Teen Lover #2

Day 5 Lynch


DaRabidDuckie - Civilian

Night 5 Psychotic Redneck Kill


Cyntalan - The Cult Leader]

Night 5 Cult Kill


Bious - Sheriff

Civilians Win!

Day 1:

It has been 3 weeks since the outbreak.

When it hit, nobody was ready. You’d think a generation raised on Dawn of the Dead, Horror Movies, Left 4 Dead and the Walking Dead would have been able to see it coming. You’d be wrong.

Within 48 hours, it had spread to everywhere in the US. Ground Zero was some lab in Detroit, some people claim it was government testing on the impoverished; others swear it was some sort of bath salt drug that went bad on the streets. I’m here to tell you none of that shit matters now. Everything you knew about the world is gone. There are no cities, no police presence, no super markets and no government. There is no rescue coming, no cure waiting for us, no magical power to save us from the risen.

There is only survival.

That is where he came in, Pimp Willy. In a time where neighbors were murdering each other over fire wood, he stepped up and created New Haven. To some, it may just be a small mall in the middle of nowhere. 3 weeks ago, and they’d be right. But not now. Now, this is the last bastion of hope for a group of survivors, a place for us to call home againt the never ending swarm of diseased people crashing against our defenses. 23 of us he managed to gather together, putting each of our unique skills to use. Thanks to him, it’s been nearly 2 weeks since we’ve lost anybody. There are 20 of us now, him included, and so far things are looking manageable.

Of course, not everyone is so grateful. Given the death, chaos and lack of hope in the world, madness will find a way to gain a foothold, even in New Haven. They called themselves “Death’s Embrace,” a death cult who has come to worship the risen. They believe their coming is a sign of the end of the world, and that soon Satan himself will walk the Earth, rewarding those who helped usher in this new Era of humanity. And here, within the safe, solid walls of New Haven, the cult looks to sabotage it from inside.

And that is how we lost** Pimp Willy**.

Pimp Willy was slipped a note that simply read “Meet me tomorrow morning, 9:00 outside the sporting goods store. Don’t tell anybody. I have info on the “accidents” you were inquiring about. -A Friend.” Willy was a lot of things that you needed to survive in this world: tough, brave, strong. But he was way too trusting. He brought all of us in, without so much as a second thought, just to give us a shot at life. And it would be this fault that caused all the trouble.

At 9:00, Willy went to the sporting goods store alone. He noticed the gate to the store had been opened a bit, so he climbed underneath. “Hello? Is anybody here?”

“Yes,” responded a voice, “I see you got my message. Foolish of you to come alone. But then again, it was foolish of you to think you could stop the inevitability of death.” And with that, the gate slammed down closed. The man stepped forward a bit, and removed his hood. It was the Witnessed Cult Member

Pimp Willy’s eyes went wide. “You? Why… what? I don’t understand?” Willy began fumbling around for some sort of weapon.

“Enjoy Death, for we will all be with you soon.” And then that is when Willy heard it; the shuffling of the feet, the stench of rotting flesh, and the moaning that would send a shiver down your spine. He was trapped in this small store with Risen.

By chance, one of the other survivors had been walking this way on patrol; it wasn’t part of his normal route, but he had seen Willy come this way, and thought he should check on him. And that was when he was it. A cloaked man standing just outside of the shadows, his face visible for just a moment before his hood cast a darkness over his face. Their fearless leader, covered in blood, fist fighting 2 Risen with his back against the grate. He had managed to dislocate the jaw of one, but let his guard down for just a moment when the teeth sank into his forearm. He managed to shatter the skull with a nearby hammer, before both collapsed into a slump on the ground. Just then, the mall alarms went of, sending a loud siren through out the building.

The Witness just stood, looking on his horror for a moment. The figure, he thought. I have to get that shadowy figure! But he was already gone, disappeared. Willy had already succumbed to his wounds, and his lifeless eyes just stared out like a teddy bear. Soon, he would be up and moving again; but for now he got to enjoy his slumber.

He could hear the entire surivors coming his way. He suddenly realized his this might look if people started to lose their cool, and wasn’t sure if anybody would believe him. Before the crowd found him, he slipped back into an unseen corner, hoping to slip back into the crowd un-noticed. He was not ready to share his secret.

And that is where we found him. Dead – soon to be undead – 2 risen put down with his bare hands.

“What the hell is this?” said SoVi3t, looking at the scene.

“Oh my god, those Risen got him inside out safehouse!” gasped Redbeard

“We haven’t had those things in here for weeks; what are the chances?!” pointed out Orochizoolander

Black Jesus was fiddling with the padlock currently holding the gate in place against the ground. “I don’t think this was an accident. Look.”

“So you’re saying… sombody killed him on purpose? Why would anybody do such a thing?” asked Ben Perkins.

“Look… right there on that Risen. It looks like somebody pinned a note to its chest.” said GBS Giovanni

“Somebody grab it” said Cyntalan

“Oh yes, somebody please reach right onto the undead, I’ll get right on that” scowled **Bulldancer. **

Dramatix rushed to the gate. “I got this, you pussies.” His hand darted in, ripped off the note, and pulled it back out quickly. “See, no big deal.”

“Oh Dramatix, my hero!” joked Shinkuu Tatsumaki in his girliest impression. A few people laughed nervously. A bunch more screamed when Willy lunged through the gate, pinning Dramatix against the fence.

“Quick, hold his arms!” said Bious, as SWBeta and Missing Person rushed to keep the hands from scratching Dramatix. It was Exodus who produced the screwdriver that he jammed into Willy’s temple, rendering the lifeless body still again.

“Holy Shit” said Kaz, “That was close.”

"Look guys, this note is from some group calling themselves ‘Death’s Embrace.’ " said DaRabidDuckie. “They say they are here to usher us into a new era of humanity, and will be killing us off a sacrifice to bring Satan back to earth. Is this a joke?”

“Willy is dead, does this look like a fucking joke?” said Doofensmirtz angrily.

“Look, the solution is clear” Chimed in Oerba. “Let’s track down these bastards, and kill them off as we find them. We all vote. Majority wins, that person is dead.”

“We won’t be safe until this cult is dead. So let’s get started. Did anybody see anything fishy?” asked SikWidIt

Day 1 Begins
**Voting will end at 9:00 AM PST on Friday. **

*Note that story is not intended to offer any clues, all names are randomly placed. Personalities in the above fiction is not tied to roles, so don’t try digging for clues.
Enjoy the game!

OH BABY! Here we go!!!

We start tonight (aka vote before we go to bed) or is tomorrow the actual start date?

Also, where is the funky pre-cursor story lol

Fuck, man… I… I re-killed Willy… Now what the hell are we going to do?

Let’s go!

Yo man, I helped.

9:00 am EST? Need to adjust for the time difference in China.

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/Ben Perkins fucks off to the food court, to think about why people would kill people when dead people are killing people, and to see if anything from Subway is still edible.

Damn right I told them to hold him. I ain’t touching no zombie.

Nothing was edible at subway when people weren’t eating each others faces, Ben.

That sounds like something a Death Cult member would say >:(

Damn bro I sound so proper in this story and shit lol…

Sorry, it’s 9:00 AM PST. Should have specified

I thought for sure I would be found in bed with a fat zombie chick in the story

We’ve only just started. There’s still time.

Sweet, gives me until 1 am here on phases and 2 am when I go to Seoul. I’m set.

Sent to the Internet with Smoke Signaltalk. Buy your matches and blanket in the Trading Outlet for $20 shipped. Firewood sold separately.

That’s the only reason you joined, isn’t it?

Sent to the Internet with Smoke Signaltalk. Buy your matches and blanket in the Trading Outlet for $20 shipped. Firewood sold separately.

He decided to not get infected ONLY BECAUSE there’d be tons of overweight zombie 'tang. Just like I decided to be immune becuse now I have some people to share my screenplays with.

So no one answered my question. I am trying to show initiative here.
Did anyone notice anything fishy… obviously besides the pussy on the fat zombified bitch that Soviet is eyeballing. :smiley:

Idk if I saw anything fishy, but I did SMELL something fishy.

Damn, now I want subway.

Fuck off mang, I had fish vindaloo for dinner. It sure beats the hell out of what @Ben Perkins would find at Subway ten days after a zombie apocalypse.

Wait, so you like eating faces now? staaaaaaaare ಠ_ಠ