SRK MAFIA X -- Jefferton dead or alive? -- Registration Thread

I was recently put in charge of Mafias administrative duties

This weeks theme is based off the hit anime, Tom Goes to the Mayor.

The goal is to assassinate the Mayor and City Council while keepin Tom and Gibbons alive.

You are allowed to bring other characters into the mix.

Keep it PG-13


U mad.

Lynch: HaveAtChew

Role claim.

Tom had some okay posts, perhaps 1/4th of them, then he kept posting and posting…

But it grew old fast and he may have later been Sisqo Disqo, a cooler name, and one to fit the bully comics!

He only has one post. Get rid of these wallflowers.

Lynch: HaveAtChew


Lynch: HaveAtChew

Lynch WhatAJew

By the way, Tom Goes to the Mayor isn’t an anime. It’s a cartoon.

**Day 1: Fail Mafia Thread gets The Greatest Write-up in Existance
I have no clue what Tom Goes To the Mayor is.


HaveAtChew and EdgeworthsRebuttal were staring down the Bottomless Pit until the sun touched the horizon.

Eventually,EdgeworthsRebuttal broke the silence.

“It’s not safe here, HaveAtChew.”

“I know, we need to do something. They’ll turn on us soon.”

HaveAtChew looked at EdgeworthsRebuttal, hoping for an answer. EdgeworthsRebuttal looked back at HaveAtChew for the same reason.

“We can’t protect each other forever, HaveAtChew.”

“Should we… kill them all?”

“You know we can’t do that, HaveAtChew. Some of them are in the same situation as we are.”

“So we stay and work together to find SRK Members by ourselves.”

“No HaveAtChew, I love you too much to risk your life like that.”

The statement startled HaveAtChew, causing him to look up into EdgeworthsRebuttal’s eyes. Their eyes locked together for what seemed like an eternity, and before they knew it, their bodies had subconsciously started moving closer and closer until their lips tenderly pressed against each other. HaveAtChew pulled back, unsure of how he was feeling, but his confusion disappeared as soon as EdgeworthsRebuttal’s tongue began exploring his mouth. HaveAtChew surrendered his body to EdgeworthsRebuttal’s touch, allowing himself to be laid down gently on the glowing platform above the Bottomless Pit.

“Wait, ChewChew senpai, what if our love isn’t supported by the spirits?”

“Well then there’s nobody I’d rather die with, HaveAtChew-kun.”

HaveAtChew felt his clothes being slowly removed, embracing each tender touch, as **EdgeworthsRebuttal **continued running his fingers along HaveAtChew’s body as he stripped him down. Eventually, HaveAtChew and EdgeworthsRebuttal were entangled within each other’s arms, bodies pressed together as EdgeworthsRebuttal gently thrust into HaveAtChew, easing him through the pain.

“E-edgy, please be gentler.”
“Don’t worry HaveAtChew, it won’t hurt for much longer.”
“Okay, I trust you.”

HaveAtChew’s whimpers eventually turned into moans, allowing EdgeworthsRebuttal to be able to thrust in all the way to his RadicalFuzz (Editor’s Note- I never noticed that part. +1 respect to @AlphaCommando). As EdgeworthsRebuttal’s thrusts grew faster, HaveAtChew’s moans became louder and louder. Suddenly, their bodies began to shake violently, with both knowing that they would soon reach their limit.

“I…I LOVE YOU HaveAtChew!”

“I LOVE YOU TOO EdgeworthsRebuttal…”

Their voices trailed off as their bodies tensed up, emptying both their loads inside and outside HaveAtChew’s body.** EdgeworthsRebuttal** slumped down on** HaveAtChew**’s body, feeling the energy leaving his body and seeping out of **HaveAtChew’**s. As they lay there panting, EdgeworthsRebuttal looked into **HaveAtChew’**s eyes and HaveAtChew looked back.

“Well it’s good to know the Barrier held up against our love.”

“I guess the spirits aren’t as intolerant as I thought.” HaveAtChew replied.

They both laughed, never breaking eye contact. As they sighed, HaveAtChew shuffled closer towards EdgeworthsRebuttal.

“Let’s just go.”

“What?” EdgeworthsRebuttal replied.

“Let’s leave this town and find somewhere we will always be safe.”

“But HaveAtChew, what about our friends?”

“Screw them, all we need is each other.” HaveAtChew replied as EdgeworthsRebuttal smiled at his sweetness.

“Alright. I’m in.”

“We should probably go now before anyone finds us and starts throwing suspicious claims.”

And with that, HaveAtChew and EdgeworthsRebuttal got dressed and walked out into the sunset to a place where they would always be accepted. Canada.

Death – HaveAtChew [Troll]

**Night 1 Starts. SRK Members, please continue to flag HaveAtChew’s idiotic threads within… on second thought, do it whenever the hell you want.

@HaveAtChew: Please stop**


HaveAtChew[Infinity] - Everyone
EdgeworthsRebuttal[1] - Me

Players: 0/1

-HaveAtChew - [D 1: Troll]**

Hehehe, a little Easter Egg for everyone that read my stories in detail. ;D

On a side note, maybe change lulu senpai to ChewChew senpai? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. Didn’t see that.

Well it’s clear as night that I’ve won the game

I 2nd the motion