SRK Mafia XI: Vampires Vs Werewolves - Game Over: Town Wins!

I didn’t have to say anything did I? with your low post count and SAD’s. Now SAD leapfrogged you, and I did 8 on a page again…

Last one left -posting so low- is a rotten egg according to 90’s arcade dying.

you should be above all others, with going silent 36 hours at a time, mister night manager. I should beat myself up over talking about managers walking around from that hotel impossible bald dude in the Greek renovation episode with a super sucky manager and a duckface tall wife.

CTRL F Missing, Help, Doctor, conspiratorial, Fuzz decoder ring.

And you too, read my sig.

Now 1 for 1,
did you, do anything, in this game, in the last busy night phase?

You certainly didn’t make any posts. So there was nothing of yours to read or not read on guiding the game. It leads me to believe its more like you sit back and laugh at us. B&

Day phase


Vote. Now.

I have an extraordinary amount to say. but it was always out in this way when trying to. better not to say I really try. I mean, I’m typing and the l of some sunglasses’ origins.


If you didn’t know by now, most GM’s are really good at keeping things up to date in the very first post. :tup:

Even if nobody tells the players to go and check back there besides the very fast day 1 or looking at role cards again.

“I can” and “do,” just did it -old Jerry Rice plaque photo overpriced thing,

look at the shady shifty veteran players who consider you sheep and don’t care whether you live or die. Who knows what they’re thinking talking in lameass code or not talking at all. Not voting at all seems more weird.

Something really stupid but who cares with anything possible might be worth knowing

Azure losing to a DQ gets no last gasp.

Azure going thru the motions to lynch him = if he logs in later, he has a 12 hour window to still help us. Even if he could not help us by getting back in time to lock players in town hall.

I will not field “bad idea” posts since bad idea is still better than _________ <-- that’s “no idea” by the way, for those playing at home.

^That’s genuine HAX.

We have not heard what you thought about DG, doctor, Azure no town hall protection crazy night
You will try to not post around a doctor (we didn’t know then) who could cure you of being a mute
You mean well but didn’t agree with anyone else’s things
Typing B) B) B( B( Beedi Beedi BD BullDancer been dead like- Drop the shtick about "lol they don’t get my code"
The I in team… was in the A all along!

I expressed my thoughts on DG, the Azure thing requires no discussion, and I’ve questioned SAD about last night, twice.

I’m in a PM, and I have the leisure of not being secretive about it. As for my emoticons, they are just that.

@Vynce What do you think about my list of suspects? i feel like when i contribute, i’m ignored due to lack of feedback

Remember that one time when Chief said his first post is a role claim?

Bolded is the keyword. Now, the bolded was never anything but roleless, but there was this one time he claimed he wasn’t.

Except he wasn’t. That was highlulu, who was killed off in the SoVi3t fiasco.

So from where I sit, Chief was role-claiming the vigilante. We all now know that wasn’t true, thanks to pietastic’s unlikely demise. And people are sleeping on Chief’s post about his first post being a role claim.

Lynch The Chief.

I agree with the majority of it. You may feel you’re being ignored because your comments are too infrequent and don’t have a lot of meat to them.

Also, that.

Yet in a way, Chief was kinda saying he wasn’t, so he was putting up a pseudo-roleclaim of vigilante so that if someone called him out and asked if he was vigilante he could say “Yes,” and if the real vigilante died, he could say, “Oh, come on, nigga! Didn’t you realize that when I said ‘immaculate?’ I was faking the role claim as a shield for the real vigilante.’”

Then why the ever so subtle role claim, then? Why the role claim only people like me, Saitsu, Vynce, Bious, and Hecatom would get since are the only surviving ones in this game that was in that game?

The night I pressed him, I interpreted his posts being a role claim, non-role claim, and then a role claim again. Same night you quoted from.

Okay, even if all you said is true, which I don’t really buy all THAT much because that feels like a massive stretch, the last person who Role Claimed Vig but wasn’t? 3rd Strike. And he was just Roleless.

And either way, absolutely no one bought Chief being Vig or even noticed what you say he was referring to a role claim. Why role claim something you don’t have and then abandon it outright when no one notices? That defeats the point.

I can somewhat understand why people might think he’s dirty but a lot of guys are just REACHING to find something to start a wagon on him.

^That’s odd. Saitsu, who do you think FT really investigated last night?

I don’t know other than what’s been said. I either do assume that I was the one investigated, or I just think about who I would’ve personally investigated.

@Saitsu, no one would’ve picked up on it because it was so subtle a role claim, man. That’s what I’m saying. He was leaving it out there for the observant veterans to pick up on, that none of the newer players or less observant players would.

And that’s exactly why. And remember, he brought it back up AFTER 3SL died, when I said that “Claiming vigilante as mafia is one of the dumbest things you can do.” That added an extra layer of yomi to it.

If he didn’t die then and there, it becomes a matter of it being one of the following:

  1. He really is the vigilante.
  2. He gets offed by the real vigilante or the mafia, who were observant
  3. The mafia is equally unobservant as the rest of the civs, and is letting him get by with it.
  4. He is mafia.

Now #1 & #2 both are off the table. We’re left with #3 and #4.

Vynce has a Prison? That means he’s going to get railroaded by a Governor who wants what you got!

Bynce, Wynce, Bouys, Byous

Giving him even more roles than he even has no wonder he can sit on a high horse, or better yet adults table and we’re at the kids table. Table leg wobbling, chairs don’t even match. :sad:

Yes yes

Vynce, wince, Witch, Bytch, Winx Safeway Club Card Witch Bitch.

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