SRK Mafia XI: Vampires Vs Werewolves - Game Over: Town Wins!

Really, I thought it was a pretty obvious troll

  • You’re correct about me bringing up the possibility of the Mayor stepping forward and putting everyone in the town hall but himself. I also asked about the adverse effects this would have to us if the Mayor came out and did that on day 1. @pietastic provided some very useful insight about the mayor possibly acting like a second jailor or a traditional medic role. Which is an ingenius use of that ability that I never thought about. Responses like that is one of the reasons I ask for feedback from the players. It can lead to gaining helpful information for the civ cause.

Which brings me to my question

@Pimp Dubya

Could you explain how the Monsters “Celerity” ability works. It says that they gain an extra major action. Is this ability one time use? My current understanding of the ability is that it lets the Monster leaders be able to promote both of their teammates on night one.

We don’t make jokes around this town, boi.

Seriously, shit like that will get you killed under the pretense that it was meant to be posted in your Mafia PM thread.

I absolutely agree with you here. The problem is I don’t have the backing of The People in order to efficiently sway any votes. No one does yet. The info I have is the same as everyone’s and frankly it doesn’t feel safe to blab to mafia who we are gunning for.

What I can share with you now is that I agree with a couple of the active players reads thus far and my vote will more than likely mirror theirs in an attempt to get a highly suspected individual lynched. I would not vote for my main suspect alone because that would be pointless (unless points was my goal, and it isn’t).

My favorite aspect of what’s going on right now is that mafia factions are voting for each other just the same as civs are voting for civs. That dynamic makes it difficult to tell who is defending for who when all parties involved are dirty.

Well played Pimp.

As far as I can tell, from clarifications made to my initial suggestions, tonight the only action Dracula and Lucian have access to is ‘Promote’. They need to ‘promote’ one of their initiates to a role like bite, assassinate or celerity. Then that initiate uses that power the next night phase. The idea being, by late game the mafia can have a maximum of 7 players each, each of whom has a unique action they can use.

They’re a mean bunch that will try to kill you for having a bit of innocent fun. Especially Azure.

5:30pm in Australia. You guys show up in packs. lol

Sending in my vote for pietastic within the hour…

Are you implying what I think you’re implying? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there any way that you can check the activity of an account as far as PM’s and what threads they’ve visited…I noticed earlier, people were discussing alt accounts and the like.

On another note, I think there are like at least three layers of yomi that were set up way early in the game…I’m still trying to dissect the shit. I hope I’m not wasting my time.

I’d never pull something like that off in the presence of someone as astute as yourself Alpha. lol

I see it as such because of the quote (much harder to quote in PMs, generally not worth the effort) but you don’t understand the people you’re playing with. This is the same group of players that killed Chief in the Death Note game partially because he had made two insignificant typos from uppercase “i” to lowercase “L”, and that wasn’t even intentional on his part. Purposefully joking about that stuff is playing with fire.

You can view someone’s “Last online at X time” status and view their post history, but PMs are private (luckily, otherwise this game wouldn’t work very well)
The reason we were discussing alt accounts is because logging back into an alternate account seemingly only has one purpose: Being online to read the thread and communicate in PMs without appearing to be online. There was also a possible strategy a few games ago that involved everyone going offline for the night phases and anyone left online during night phase was heavily suspected. At that point, alternate accounts were allowed to submit actions, provided the original verified the identity of the alternate.

And on that note I’m out for the night. I’ll vote in the morning, but I’m not sure who for yet, still trying to decide if my bias is interfering with my perception of certain players.

Hmm… I want to give Jones the benefit of the doubt since he did say he was busy (especially after last game where I had him killed and he managed to bungle saving himself), but he should know the game has started and be here, plus I know for a fact he is paying attention to SRK…

Know what? I can’t decide. No-lynch.

And with that I’m out for the night. See y’all later.

*I agree with you Chief, I think the Mafia have been trying to push the thread into the direction of their choosing. It makes me wonder what type of cold war they’ll have.

I have some pings on my radar but I want to see more before making any public comments. *

Team so much posts, 175+ new for me

Remember a lot of it can be Fluff, whether Radical or Inconsequential. Radical as in game changing, pushing for something, not just the joke about his name, but I never pass those up.

I was going to ask Fuzz something to get him to stop posting a bunch of junk he can just read the rules for. Giving him one thing to focus on instead of throwing out everything like that. Its pretty important too.

Jeez, now things outside of the game thread are considered a whole page worthy as some kind of evidence? Just taking up tons of posts. Why not Fuzz saying “usefulC” an in-joke, and before roles assigned, but still of note. He was the first to do the G thing in bold too. You could also throw him in there as doing what Chief admitted, placing bait by pretending to be ignorant of the rules, looking for responses. If you need to, ask them for more about their motivations and plans about that right there.

I’ll have to re-read these last 3 pages to see what he did afterwards, as it did look like he slowed down and made more sense with structured posts on topic for the game, so it will slow me down on putting all this out there - so you guys might think I’m looking to lynch him or something, it can definitely look like that of course. Checkout Hecatom evading like the whole day today, here but only posts about PS4. (Okay you got a good post now about someone else’s insight there)

inconsequential radical fluffs in the box, out of the way

[details=Spoiler]That is great “but it has no games” - hey why don’t they vaccuum seal plastic wrap these electronics anymore? I purchased a graphics card like that, didn’t know it was like that until it arrived, and it seemed like an “open box item” without the wrapping. And some stupid “low profile brackets” where in there flying around in transit and scratched some of the GPU. :mad:

See. Giving a reason that you’re busy, whatever that reason is can turn into, that. Me, unstructured talking about a electronics purchase example that was the same, in certain exact ways. I just did it to finally say that somewhere, couldn’t find a PC thread again.[/details]

Better than Hecatom or letting people tell you about one player they chose, Co-Jones, why not look at all the wallflowers yourself? Otherwise you just sorta bandwagon and could get carried into something you don’t need to be a part of. Getting used for someone else’s devious plans

I’ll be on the side of No Lynch probably.
I am glad I’m not the first to voice about it or is going to put the lynch vote in for that.

A quick Alphabetical order of every player in the game.

He does need to post soon or else he is as good as dead, being dead weight for everybody.

So after he’s gone, people shouldn’t let the 2nd tier down of being a wallflower/“busy” player,
after the invisible not even here type,

like Icege off the spotlight completely. What he’s doing is something nobody is noticing? Saying certain things over and over, distractions. Hey, fun distractions but against what’s going on currently, around him, what might be talked about next. So nobody questions him or gets his thoughts on the important matters. He can’t stay busy and not read the thread for so long and still get to stick around too.

& better say it to make this post more fun.

[details=Spoiler]What the hell is with the Lyrics to “If you wanna be my lover” with the right before the chorus repeating part where they just run out of real words:

I wanna huh
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I wanna really really really zing a zing zong!

What the crap is that?!

The best I can come up with, and I’m sure those spammy looking lyric websites would agree with their attempt to try to decipher it, “I Really, really want to sing a sing-song”