SRK Mafia XII: Fighting Game Community vs. Illuminati


The FGC has decided that the best way to get maximum CPM is by instead of converting to eSports that they instead create a new market: eBloodSports. Several members of the FGC have colluded to split the winnings with one another and refer to themselves as the Illuminati. It’s up to the rest of the FGC to bring integrity back to the tourney scene!

The game phases will cycle between Pools (aka Day Phase) and Top 8 (aka Night Phase). Pools last for 36 hours, Top 8 lasts for 12 hours. I will be operating on EST time and will do my best to make sure to always include that when posting deadlines. During Pools, players will vote for who they want to Stream (aka Lynch). During Top 8, the Illuminati will submit their night kill as well as other players with Top 8 abilities. Players that do not submit their Stream vote before the deadline for two Pools phases in a row will be DISQUALIFIED. They will be replaced by an alternate if available. If no alternates are available, they will be listed as dead and their roles will be revealed. Talking is allowed during all phases. When you die, your allegiance as well as your role will be revealed.

No Stream is always a valid voting choice… Your choice must be PMd to me by the end of the Pools. Votes can be changed up until Top 8 starts. Votes will be publicly revealed in the thread at the end of the Pools.

Last Gasps
When an FGC member is killed, they are able to make a last gasp. PM me with your message and I will post it into the thread (do NOT post it in the thread yourself). Keep all post-game talk out of the thread until after the game. Posting anything game related after death will result in a ban, the length of which will be determined by myself and other previous Storytellers such as Pimp Willy, NoodleHead, and Missing Person.

Fighting Game Community (Civilians)

[details=Spoiler]Fighting Game Community Member (aka FGC Member) - You’re more or less a roleless civilian.

UltraDavid (Tournament Ability: Headkrones) - You’re Lovers with James Chen. The two of you can communicate in a PM arranged by the TO. When James Chen or you die, you must leave this PM.

James Chen (Tournament Ability: Headkrones) - You’re Lovers with UltraDavid. The two of you can communicate in a PM arranged by the TO. When UltraDavid or you die, you must leave this PM.

Kayopolice (Pools Ability: Futa Fantasy) - Due to your having once had a penis and being a woman, the FGC loves you. Your Lynch/Stream vote counts as two votes with the extra vote not being reflected in the vote count.

Sabin (Top 8 Ability: Cell Phone Spycam) - Utilizing your trusty cell phone to stream, you’re able to figure out who exactly is fraudulent and who isn’t. You can choose one player at night and will find out whether or not they’re a member of the FGC or the Illuminati.

JWonggg (Top 8 Ability: The Wong Factor) - Using your amazing comeback ability, you’re able to bring back a player that is killed during Top 8 to life by submitting the name of this player at the start of Top 8.

Spooky (Top 8 Ability: Pull the Plug) - At the start, you have one plug. You can pull the plug on a player of your choice during Top 8, resulting in their death. You gain an extra plug when Sabin and JWonggg die.

Illuminati (Mafia)


Evil Daigo (Tournament Ability: Weeaboo Wet Dream) - Because you’re Japanese and infallible as a result, everybody believes that you’re a member of the FGC. If Arturo leaves his camera phone on in your car, nobody will care what you say because you’re fucking Daigo.

MrWiz (Top 8 Ability: Banhammer) - With the authority of McRibs and SRK, you can make anybody look like an asshole or a hero by banning them. If you ban an FGC member, they’ll appear as a member of the Illuminati and vice versa.

ChrisG (Top 8 Ability: Kill the Hype) - You don’t like hype. When people get too hype, you can choose during Top 8 to Kill the Hype that they have, silencing them during Pools for the next cycle.

fightinggm (Top 8 Ability: Guap) - You guap all day. Your guap is so guap that you make others guap their pants. When using your Top 8, you deactivate any ability that your target might have.

Fanatiq (Tournament Ability: Promo Code Blow Up) - You need to pay off Nemo by getting as many people to enter your Promo Code as possible. If you’re streamed, you charge the FGC for it and can stream another member of your choice, killing them. Whenever you die, you can take the player of your choice with you.

Write Up Roles
You may request to be a particular player within the community for the purposes of the write up should you not have a role available. Please inform me of which player you’d like to be identified as.

Order of Actions


fightinggm -> ChrisG -> Sabin -> Fanatiq -> Spooky -> JWonggg -> MrWiz -> Top 8 Kill

Pimp Willy
Missing Person
The Co-Jones
The Chief

SRK Mafia Leaderboard & Forum Game Queue
FGC-themed Mafia Sign-Up

Capcom Cup Top 8
*“SERIOUS TALK!” bellowed Nemo, clapping his hands after every word for emphasis. “WHY YOU THINK YOU CAN BEAT ME!?” Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap.

Gazing down at his scuffed Pumas, Fanatiq shrugged his shoulders before changing the obnoxious colour of his AGEFanatiq Headkrones. “I just thought that this was what the FGC needed to break into eSports. That’s worth at least $2000 off, right? How about I sell you the rights to our match for $10000, then I give you the $8000, and then that leaves us with $2000 to do more good for the community with!”

“Fuck-a you, scrub-bu!” roared back Nemo, slamming his hands on the commentator’s table.

“Nemo certainly seems upset that Fanatiq doesn’t have the money on him,” commented James Chen.

“Well, one look at Fanatiq and you could tell that his credit score was about the same as the discount he’s offering,” said UltraDavid, rolling his eyes. “Did you know that he wouldn’t hire me to represent him because I’m not Jewish?”

The two continued their banter at the commentator’s table whilst the crowd looked on. Boos began to fill up the room. Fanatiq stood up on a stool, pleading his case to those watching.

“Guys, guys, I understand that you’re upset but I am a business man and have to do what’s best for the scene!” cried Fanatiq

“Forgive them fanatiq, fore they not know what we do for them,” came a voice in Fanatiq’s Headkrones.

MrWiz, is that you? Is it time?” replied Fanatiq.

“It is time,” crackled MrWiz between bites of a McRib.

With that, the lights suddenly cut off. The members of the Fighting Game Community cheered with excitement for the Top 8 that was about to begin. “When’s Marvel!?” and “Lynch Pistol Shrimp” signs were waved violently back and forth. Ono masturbated in a corner all over his little Blanka doll. A drunk Harada slapped a tranny. Chaos was a-brewing. Dubstep was a-playing. When the lights returned, Nemo was already in his chair waiting to play none other than “The Beast” Daigo Umehara. Daigo stepped up onto the stage from the crowd, walking towards the chair. Bending down to plug in his controller, Daigo looked over his shoulder at Nemo and then jumped in surprise. Nemo’s throat had been slit and stuffed with a PayPal credit card. MrWiz stepped on the stage and raised Daigo’s hand, “And the winner by forfeit… Daigooooooo!!!”

The crowd booed in disapproval. Something wasn’t right. Nemo doesn’t even have a PayPal account! COLLUSION!

Kumite in Tennessee Pools have started!!!
Pools will end at 11:59pm EST on Dec. 19, 2013.
Make sure to PM your When’s <Lynch Vote>! Lynch votes will be revealed during the next write up!

Stream/Lynch votes can be changed up until the deadline.

No Stream/Lynch may only be used twice.


@Pimp Willy
@Missing Person
@The Co-Jones
@The Chief


Fuck this SFxT shit, whens marvel?


Yo what is up with that? You floating people already? Illuminati strikes again!


Checking in.


Checkin’ in.


I wanna be myself if I die in this game. Since I have no role.

So just like real life I can be gatekept at pools and have my dreams crushed.


Present and accounted for.

What’s the story with the Kappa guy, did someone just realize his face was funny if you put it in greyscale and shopped it?


I just don’t wanna go fuckin 0 and 2 again. I’ve been in the lab for months


S-Tier Augustus is here, guys. We need to follow my lead because the rest of you are poopoo. Clearly Mafia will try to kill me first because I’m the biggest threat - I’m going to lead us to victory if I stay alive. JWong, I need your assistance. Keep your best player alive.


Hey guys Augustus definitely looks clean with his double yomi


Well now, this may be the closest I ever get to showing up in the spotlight at a major tourney. :wonder:


Lynch SWB.


When’s RadicalEdwardFuzz

K bye.


When’s Bious


Fixing my laptop, so I’ll be playing through my shitty phone. I can’t even watch fuckin streams anymore man, how the hell am I to keep up with the latest copy/paste memes…


Checking in. Surprised there are only two “whens” as of now.


I just read through the sign-up thread, and was wandering when I told Icege to take me out of the game. I’ve been in the sign-up thread the whole time. Signed up as soon as the thread was open. Now everybody said I quit? Wtf, the reason I said that I MIGHT quit was because @Icege had sent out roles and apparently forgot to send me one. I’ll be pretty upset if I’m not allowed to play, especially since I pre-registered and everything.


Obligatory post about [insert top player name here] being late to pools and then complaining

I’m just kidding…or am I? shifty eyes