SRK MAFIA XIII: SRK Vs. The End of the World -- Apocalypse Now? (GAME OVER - CIVILIANS WIN)

@exodus and @synonym the two confirmed civs are obviously the next to die so it’s really up to them to rally all of us for that list.

@PW it’s cute you’re now trying to curry favor with the two confirmed civs “our side” lol GTFO, they won’t fall for it and at least we know exodus read chiefs LG and puts more stock into it then you do.

Watch the people named in chiefs LG try to discredit it and hope that you guys are too lazy to read it.

@orochizoolander: I’ll have to read it later because it doesn’t sound like it has the 2 names with their alignments so I’m not too interested.

@orochi: nevermind. @exodus & @synonym are confirmed civs, gotcha.

@synonym have you read chiefs LG? Have you read my posts? I’ve already said that if PW, DG, and Pie are all civs I’ll vote myself to get lynched or vigi can kill me whichever works for you guys.

Neither pimps nor willies sound good for lunch.

I can’t get a read on Oz, he’s acting like last game, but then again, that’s the line of reasoning that let him survive for so long. PW isn’t particularly suspicious to me, and Bious hasn’t piqued my interest so far.

I might go for Oz, since I’m on a limited time frame here.

I made a big change from last game to this game…I’m not too concerned with making it to end game this time, I kind of assumed I’d be killed eventually as I’m always a target, I just want to be a good team player.

Anyways aidebit either you’re mafia too or you haven’t read Chief’s LG I mean why vote for me when the path is laid out?

If I do end up dying now then you guys better vote my list in that order.

Reading that LG on my phone will be a challenge. I will, though.

@orochizoolander I’m willing to give you a one-day reprieve and follow your instincts on Pimp Willy.

You were gung-ho about lynching him yesterday, so let’s do it today.

PW, obviously I’m not asking everyone to lynch you blindly and I’ll happily listen to any defence that you mount. Just know that, to me, you have been appearing more and more suspicious. Decrying the credibility of Chief’s last gasp after he suspects you as mafia, coupled with your actions earlier in the game make me suspicious.

Bious is completely off the radar this game and it’s making me concerned. This is a player that normally likes to be the center of attention, so why is he so reserved?

OZ, as to why I made a “drive-by” attack on you, it’s because you’ve been ringing bells left and right. You went from being chummy with me to accusing me of mafia, only to read that I was confirmed and vacillate back to being on team “Sexodus” (@Exodus. we now have a team name).

For now, Lynch Pimp Willy.

Only on 2 or 3 of the LG. Chief360, or 720 if DevilJin still calls it that. :lol:

Chief is right, I nearly said Mafia looking broken this game with ability and writeup stuff. Even if I just came to terms with them hitting Medic miraculously if that even happened, or more likely <RFuzz> chose and got Icege pregame, less of a huge jackpot, but still lucky.

but its also a combination of they got to use everything possible that 1st night here. Ya’ll Scumbags of texas toasts.

Damn that LG is something that could be featured in the “longest death scenes” HoF. Anyway I’m for lynching AC today so we can get that confusion out of the way. If he’s mafia that’s one less suspect to worry about and in case that he’s a civ that knows who <PW> is we can prevent him from getting LG blocked. I doubt that he got a role so worst case we off a roleless civ.

I only hope that vigi knows what he’s doing after that night 1 kill and that it was not without some thought behind it.

Lynch AlphaCommando

Chief trying to give everybody…


Why would we lynch Alpha today?

All we need to do is wait until he can speak and find out whether he received <Pimp Willy>'s name. Which, at this point is extremely likely.

If <Pimp Willy> is silly enough to expose his willy to another individual tonight then if it’s another civilian we have them corroborate AC’s claim.

That nets us two more confirmed civilians and a lynch target.

Plus, it means we can gain a large amount of insight into the mafia’s thought processes and player make up.

I am willing to stake my reputation on AC being a civilian.

I was so confident I sent MP a PM the second I caught onto his plan.

Only reason that I have for lynching him today is the slim chance that mafia picked the last grasp block instead of an additional member and that they will use it when they kill AC tonight. But will see what everyone else in mind about this first.

@OZ my trust of Vynce is difficult to explain. It’s kinda like Chief said; I think he’s dirty but I trust him anyway. It’s really strange and I don’t get it… I’ll cast it for now, though.

@Synonym can you please explain why we shouldn’t kill Alpha? I know you’re a confirmed civ and all, but I just don’t see the upside to keeping him alive. If he dies at night, and Vynce really is mafia and has been trying to deflect the whole LG block thing, then we will lose <PW>'s name forever.

…Nevermind, I think I see it. Are you really confident that they don’t have an LG block? Or, better yet, do you really think Alpha is civ? This mafia’s been hella crazy so far. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t take Bious.

I’d prefer to go for DG or Vynce myself. Why Willy over them?

Well, that’s the pickle isn’t it? Because the write-up confirms a few things.

  1. Unless someone else got <Pimp Willy>'s name and has just decided to not come forward, AC is a confirmed civilian.

  2. The mafia know who <Icege> is. That means they will need to choose between killing our medic (an extremely valuable kill choice) or AC (to utilise their hypothetical LG block).

It’s doubtful that mafia will kill either Exodus or myself this night phase. Neither of us has a role and there are much more salient kill choices available.

This is why I’m saying leaving AC alive will give us a large amount of data from the night phase. A lot more than if we lynch him today.

I will more than likely end up being silenced next phase though. Just in time for the weekend :frowning:

Mega-expand-a-quote Chief style - saved a few collapses putting SAD’s outside that monster. It looks just as important too.

If anyone read why did he say: “Why did pietastic write: that’s what I was looking for” and couldn’t find it in the first few quoted last gasp parts, because it wasn’t pie. It was Vynce.

Pie jumped all over him here though. And hasn’t pushed lynching Vynce after the voting and Night phase. Lets not forget they had this big exchange at least, like if it was all for show. And if vynce is pressured again pie can say he was there first and nobody listened to him, to garner more “trust” and people can fall back on that fact and follow what he wants to do next, after a Vynce lynch.

There are things we can learn when AC comes back. Keep him on a short leash, see what arises from what he wants to do when he can finally talk, very open to everyone looking over his posts with a fine toothed comb. We will have inconsistencies to check, and lookout for a ghost written, other players helping him make that post, yeah?

If you didn’t see that part in Chief’s LG about the Vigi. They are looking to do a standard play of attacking the very quiet people. I would like to hope that clears me a bit more and almost thought it was a Mafia kill of Oerba at first glance that I would have to defend against if they turned it on me, for the voting records of day 1, but it was Vigi choosing him out of a group like Cyntalan, Recessiontime, BullDancer.

This theoretically, should force a very quiet Mafia player out of hiding. And get the quiet players who are civs talking to actually help the cause, because they help Mafia blend in and also not have to say anything in the game thread, and just plot our demise in their Mafia PM. Quiet players who don’t even consider they’re helping the mafia cause are otherwise dead weight, right?

Oerba voting me and turning up civ, when it looked like he had a dumb mafia reason to hide and vote on me. Day 1 voting randomness or not.

Oerba is known to be a difficult to get him talking, low post count player, and more often than not he was Mafia. Or it seemed that way, his playstyle of not saying anything really helped his Mafia team in a few games. Even had people calling him a strong player, for their side of course and not very good as a Civ since he generally plays the same and doesn’t engage conversations and plans.