SRK MAFIA XIII: SRK Vs. The End of the World -- Apocalypse Now? (GAME OVER - CIVILIANS WIN)

damn save drafts erased this post I think? Saw it again in the Chief LG quote, reminded me. Searched for CTRL F Exodus to find it, looks like I only typed it in a notepad. Yup 2:46 PM 1/16/2014

Pointing out you are way ahead of some people in recognizing these things. It was just about what I was saying at the time, Medic was the <Fuzz> target. DG kinda ignoring everything I said, even one at the bottom of a page which is the last thing sitting there staring back at you that you see prominently while you click go:to next page, 13.

I wrote that a lot better back there but didn’t post it, maybe deciding not to after reading his life beating him up a bit thing and didn’t consider it an excuse.

And while that makes sense with the ‘if they chose Chief or Fuzz,’ it isn’t possible anyway - because they chose whoever is Icege.

Dang near writing them a new award for best ever day 1 enforce, ignoring my posts too, that one right at the end of the last page, the last thing you see while you click go:to page 13. :bluu:

11:20 AM 1/16/2014 - Augustus “the best” award?

  • I’d rather give AC the benefit of doubt for this cycle by not putting in a vote to lynch him. Reading the Silencer card it indicated that a person is silenced for an entire cycle, not just a phase.

As for who I’ll vote to lynch today, I’m still thinking on it. Pimp Willy has registered a couple blimps on my radar even though he’s not at the top of my list. I’ll reread the thread again to see if I can fit some of the pieces together.

I’ve read every single one of your posts, as well as Leo “Chief” Tolstoy’s next masterpiece. I’m willing to give you a reprieve, but be aware that even after reading your posts I’m not convinced of your innocence.

@synonym like I said before my suspicion of you which in that same post I admitted was a stretch! was made before I read chief’s LG, after reading all 4 parts I am genuinely surprised you or anyone suspects me when on page 5 I made my suspects and ambitions clear as day and haven’t backed off on them. PW is my top suspect (was vynce for half a second lol), but like I said on page 5 DG and Pie are just as dirty looking as him so that’s why I staked my life on those 3, I understand getting a 3 day reprieve from a confirmed civ is asking a bit much…but c’mon! worst case scenario all 3 are civs and chief and I were completely wrong and I’m killed day4 so 3 for 1 isn’t bad right? right!?

Lynch PW, I’d have preferred AC, just to put doubt to rest and well for reasons Chief already stated but I’ve been on PW since day1 so yeah fuck that guy and Lando was a fucking traitor to his boys anyways disloyalass nigga!

You were gung-ho about lynching him yesterday, so let’s do it today.[/quote]

These… I like :tup:

Why did I not preview these I knew I was going to fuck it up and I can’t edit it now either… shit

*Not sure which post you’re talking about. The only post that you made that I didn’t skim through that stuck to my mind was me dropping you a hint on a flaw of the plan that no one chimed in about except 1 person. The flaw was tying up our resources/roles. Synonym was the only person that I seen that brung up that fact.

I’m going to have to reread the thread when I get enough time. There is a lot of people I would expect to be more active but they aren’t. *

Their decision was to kill Chief for their own reasons and Silence AC. Where they think we will likely lynch him, if people would rather go with the easy vote and not figure it out, a man who cannot speak his case anymore and left a ton of breadcrumbs. Those didn’t seem too calculated though, they came quick and fast. There might be more to AC wanted Fuzz gone and knew ahead of time, only that Fuzz was Civ. I don’t know how we figure Mafia knew Fuzz was SWBeta considering their huge success on getting Icege out of the way night 1, and pinned Medic to a player with no more guessing. So that part of the Chief LG doesn’t make sense.

There was no reason to reveal right away, sure, in the ideas that he was <Kaz>. He’s no longer at a threat of SWBeta finding him out, so it was a gloating, weird civ move going into night phase (He wanted Fuzz gone no matter who he actually was, which is part of his push to lynch Fuzz before the Role Claim). This would really help if we knew only Civs can be silenced, more Broken Mafia Team. :mad:

For the ideas we weren’t presented with, even conspiratorial or on our own goose hunts, we have to think about what AC Mafia would gain, just as much as what AC civ would have helped gain.

I really want to vote for you for the underlined part that I wrote quick notes on because it reads a few different ways, even when going back to it now. But I had a lapse in logic on wanting to believe something without having it pinned down with a direct quote like I can for your “no to the medic having his own choices over a SWBeta claim and protect him,” that part on you thought Mafia knew <PW> due to <RFuzz> choice. Which doesn’t make sense…

Alpha Mafia doesn’t worry about getting the name, he just got a new teammate.

Why are we considering Pimp Willy, trigger happy as he was to try to do something, went for AC? Why is this our line of thinking, 100% like he didn’t make his own choice. & furthermore like its even supposed to help the civs. Pimp Willy was looking out for Pimp Willy, to win the game!

Theres plenty more civs than an unconfirmed AC. & if they got the name of PW, they are at no liberty to reveal it, it helps the civs more than the Mafia. PW can’t “win” but he is effectively still a civ, a floater Kenny style player. We’re damned if we got a doublecrosser like Combo in that role though and might need to know who he is.

As long as PW is alive, he helps the Civs win. Mafia need to have equal numbers to civs left to win, remember? <Pimp Willy> is a buffer to help us win, and guess what? Mafia won’t know who he is if we never reveal him. People who need to find <Pimp Willy> today are fuckin shady or oblivious to the game rules.

I am now against finding <PW>, who revealed himself to a civ, and have a plan for AC living.

Lynch: Pimp Willy

Yessss all aboard the PW lynch train!

WOO WOO…you know what nvm I’ll leave it to the pros:

Wild + Goose Chase

<Willy> **now effectively civ | confirmed **

revealed himself to **AlphaCommando | Civ **<-- we don’t know and we have ways to find out besides Lynch.

I’m going to be pissed if some new rule change comes into play after all my game questions unanswered that <PW> doesn’t count against the Mafia winning. I will be “barely okay” with <PW> needs to also be killed by the Mafia to win the game, even if their numbers match civs, because he still exists - and is not a Mafia, and started the game as a Civilian.

Under the assumption that Mafia have known <Icege>’s name since pre-game here’s some interesting factoids.

The WPP fiasco/medic saga

This post is one of the first to raise my hackles. 1. Claims initially that the witness protection program plan is risky, only to never see it as such again. 2. Clearly states the limitations of finding one mafia name by day four at the expense of medic protection for other important roles. 3. He believes that <SWBeta> would have been capable of living undetected until day 4 but yet still feels the program is needed. Why? Is it because mafia already had 50% of the puzzle?

This post has eerily mirrored current events. Not damning evidence but food for thought.

Justifying the medic ignoring a chance at protecting the other important roles (Carpenter, UC, etc) by reinforcing that tying up a protection resource for three night kills will result in “good” things for civilians.

Really? Had we listened to YOU about RadicalFuzz we would have been in a better spot? Let’s take a look back.


Oh no, this again? Gasp. Better dismiss it twice as hard.

Dismissal out of hand and calling “wolf/jesus toast” on something is one way to destroy its credibility. It may have been an honest exploration of “what if’s” but the adamant adherence to the mafia possessing an LG block isn’t really jesus toast.

Once again, dismissing accusations against yourself without really providing a solid rebuttal. Saying “You know I’m a civilian because this is how I play as a civilian”. Posting that you’re well aware of how you play as a civilian isn’t proof that you aren’t mafia. In fact, it lends itself to you being mafia even more. Why? Because mafia try hard NOT to appear as guilty. Of course you would try and appear as civilian willy if you were mafia; that’s the point.

So the take home message here is:
“AC is innocent… let’s lynch the shit out of him on the off-chance that mafia have the LG block”.

What mistakes? And when did you admit to them? This has nothing to do with your reputation and everything to do with your content and presence in this game.

Wasn’t sure if the spoilers were working or not because preview mode doesn’t show them. Apologies for the wall of text.

Jesus Toast Bread!

<Pimp Willy> choosing AC,

Writeup stated

“He revealed his willy (hehehe) to a Civilian”


Yeah that will lead us to believe AC is Civ. If they have to kill AC at night and last gasp block him, good! Then they can’t kill Icege next, Synonym next, Exodus next, Roled Civilian next, etc. And <Pimp Willy> civilian effectively replaces Alpha Shady Commando’s loss.

Who gives a fuck about the last gasp… ya’ll nassssty, I only liked out of his entire word choice: “Sandwiches” - and again, we don’t need to know <Pimp Willy> today. Confirmed “Civ” or not.

Yeah, they don’t have to kill him and can choose not to - to further confuse us, but guess what, there is no Forger role in this game. Only this one I checked for last time. Despite the name of the player card, <Forge>

Only Vynce passively checks clean.

Civs aren’t as gimped as we thought or Chief assumed. Every Mafia not Vynce can be checked out.

There’s some complete bullshit, rolling downhill snowballing

that won’t work. Like <PW> chose someone not AC, and became Mafia. At least the writeup reveal helped us this time. Maybe this look at who is pushing game rules making us follow their interpretation, DarkGeneral style, Pimp Willy style can help us find more Mafia.

OK, back in the thread and what do I read? Two LGs calling me out. @Oerba saying he vaguely recalls me going through a chain of events, but he can’t remember exactly what they were, and doesn’t have time to look through posts to actually, you know, quote anything or provide any specifics whatsoever. Thanks, bro! I guess you weren’t around in the Vamps/Werewolves game, where my first post was a detailed theorizing of potential vamp and wolf strategies so civs could stay one step ahead of the monster factions.

And Chief saying that PW and Vynce both raised eyebrows for me, but that I didn’t follow through in any way. Because my day 1 reads are always gdlk, and so I should get tunnel vision and demand their blood like I’m OZ. And did you not pay attention when I voted for Vynce? Given today’s events, my likely vote is PW, but I have a little more questioning to do first.

I guess if you don’t have a little suspicion brought your way, you’re not pushing the bounds enough… let’s go.

My mind is boggled how people are challenging @Synonym’s assertions on AC. As a matter of fact, PW’s early vote on AC is a big reason he’s shooting up my suspect list. Rules clearly state that a person can only be silenced once, so we don’t have to worry about mafia stringing along an alive, silenced AC. If he lives tonight and gets mafia-killed and LG blocked, we don’t get that name. But here’s the thing: <PW> is still on an island. He’s not a mafia member, yet, and the mafia still has to send him signals, and he still has to do reveals. All of those actions will give us clues to work with. And honestly, with the ability for others to pull AC-style gdlk tricks, it will be damn hard for the occultist to find his brethren. Yes, the whole cycle can play out again, with the mafia silencing any trickers, but it’ll tie up their resources. And, they will have used up the LG block, which I can’t imagine they have in the first place, so the name will come out eventually.

So, the point is, anyone who calls for AC to be lynched is suspect to me.

But, reading this back, clearly I know the mafia powers too well. It’s not because I have a pulse and actually read the damn role cards, it’s because I’m mafia. Lunch pie, eat slices of pie for lynch. Nom nom nom.

(Seriously people, try to think two steps ahead. If other people suspect you because of it, fuck it. They’re either dumb or mafia.)

Oh, I didn’t read <Manx>'s card well enough. He can only silence somebody once, nice. Thanks for that.

So where does that put Augustus with you, Pie, since he came out of the gate this phase gunning for AC?

Missing, Worst GM Vote coming soon. :mad:

I wanted to believe we weren’t in such a bad position, and Mafia isn’t holding the big stack of chips. I was wrong. :sad:

Also going against my Lynch Alpha, a guy who says: FOIRST!

PW: you seem to have confidence in your day one reads. Given current events and posts, where does Augustus now lie on your suspect list?

PW: where does DG now fall on your suspect list? Do you think he’s more suspicious or less suspicious than Augustus?

AC claimed he would not get a last gasp, maybe to throw off the Mafia and still be targeted by <PW>, but still of note.