SRK MAFIA XIII: SRK Vs. The End of the World -- Apocalypse Now? (GAME OVER - CIVILIANS WIN)

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was just part of his charade.

Glad you asked. It’s certainly suspicious. But Augustus has an arrogant, balls-to-the-wall persona. I have this picture of him in my head being a scrawny, pimply nerd emboldened by a keyboard. I think he either didn’t think it through, or is just trying to stir the pot.

If I had to post a suspect list now, I’d go:

  1. PW
  2. OZ (wouldn’t be surprised at all if they were both mafia. OZ’s tunnel vision is one thing, but the NO MORE DISCUSSION, DO WHAT I SAY attitude is completely off reservation)
  3. Vynce
  4. Augustus
  5. blindknagg

Although if the lynch targets were completely up to me, I’d also sprinkle some wallflowers in there. Looks like vigi might have that covered, though. :tup:

Pie, you’ve pretty much just mirrored my entire list. I’m glad I’m not the only one suspicious of Blindknagg too. For now, I’m happy chasing PW down the rabbit hole.





Kill them in that order and I’ll be happy.

I can also see where you’re coming from here OZ. I’m going to wait and see where PW takes us.

I don’t think Vigi killing off wallflowers is a good thing to do, even if they have unlimited stock. Vigi should be doing what I did and the opposite of my public image. Otherwise, I think killing wallflowers is a waste of his ability like how I wasted my lynch vote

@synonym @exodus I fear that if PW is civ then that will turn you and others off from wanting to lynch the other 3, so this plan requires a commitment, yes it’s a big risk, but I’ve already offered to vote for myself in the event it doesn’t pan out so worst case scenario is 3 civs and 1 mafia die and that’s not too bad.

Ypu agreeing with pie and his support of PW lynch does worry me a lot, but at this point I’m all in with my list, I feel I had good day 1 reads.

@sumazndude thanks for telling mafia how to avoid vigi, see that’s why I worded my advice to vigi the way I did before which you questioned :wasted:

If I die anytime within the next few cycles you guys better follow my list. These plainclothes are annoying for work, but it’s part of the job, but being beneath the blankets as I type this is nice.

I’ve **read part 1 so far.

Chief, I’d applogize for suspecting you, if it wasn’t mutual :lol:.

“That’s actually what I was looking for.” No one seemed to notice how facetious you were being in regards to how I should be trusted despite the pre-game banter no matter what. You also referenced the fix ie; you and I winning this thing automatically since we’re on the same team. What puzzled me was that you really did mean to vote with me. And that’s where I thought I had you. I reasoned, if RF was a civ (however unlikely), you covered your ass by adhering to your plan to mirror my vote.

Again, I was wrong. At least I didn’t have a hand in your death.

Yeah but, if some of the frequent posters go quiet, does it not make them look suspicious? Clearly they’re not that dumb to ignore that fact… If there was any change in behavior at all, would that not draw at least draw some attention?

My point is that we shouldn’t be focusing on wallflowers, at least at this point

Other thoughts.

WTF- you say Pie would be able to fall back on him having cast the first and only vote for me on day 1, should I end up being dirty. Will you clear him when it’s evident I’m not?

2 of you are making me suspicious above all others. PW for marking Agree with my posts and ForgeDigger outright saying she trusts me. WHY?

It’s not fair, I know.

By the way- I think I know who the medic is. And if I could figure that out without having inside information about it, it stands to reason the mafia could, too. My only point in saying this is that <RF> didn’t necessarily target them.

I didn’t even remember pie voted for you, it was all within the quote following Chief’s lead to find it again, being different than what Chief said. Its interesting you got to it first before he did when I’m directly naming him throughout that one, and he’s openly noticing people going for him. Even just for the, “If you’re not having haters/suspicion, you’re doing something wrong”

So we’re clear: I was illustrating the danger in implicating or exonerating Pie based on my allegiance.

Just now getting to the Chief asking someone if they’re Medic part.

Is the Mafia team made up of players as insightful as you?

Hopefully not B).

That’s not what I was going for. It was more to pietastic being considered still yup and not earning anything, in any eventual future where you are lynched. It was the part not thought out completely before going into that post, that I didn’t even have answers for, sure. Its not something I have done before afterall with that line of thinking. No need for this, you are at no risk of lynch. He also stopped considering you for the lynch, yeah?

My last question isn’t a 1 for 1 about you thinking I will clear pie or whatever that meant. It should be towards an end of, what do you think happened with <RFuzz> and his skill, instead then? No alternate theory of the events after putting down the most likely thing that actually happened? How does that apply now? What timeline and results from <Fuzz> do you want to go forward with?

Missing Person style vote counts in the public game thread, by any player - GM doesn’t need to be doing it, sound like a good idea this voting phase so there is no risk of that tie = no lynch creeping up on us.

Why don’t you do it?


Remember what role I was in the TF2 game we won? Maybe I go with a new, old LambObama avatar again like other people changing avatars