From that video I wouldn’t even play 3s with him in our dearth of players

you tried to jab shoryu a sweep cuz, just sweep back wouldve saved us 30 seconds of kakkatekina… purple ken n00b style just press X

I troll like this:



& get trolled by iron galaxy with this xbox upload futility :sad: PS3 side got more angry players?

Also, for the record, until <Pimp Willy> turns, <Pimp Willy> counts as a SRKer for population purposes.

So, bringing up AC’s question from the first page, when does <SWBeta> get <kaz’s> name? When Night 3 starts, or when it ends?

Also, if I’m reading it right, <Fuzz> gets to pick whose role he gets to know after the mafia has been picked, right? It’d be useless if it didn’t do that.

EDIT: edit bai.

When night 3 ends.

Right about Fuzz. He will know who is mafia beforehand. I will send <RadicalFuzz> his PM before I send any other PM. <RadicalFuzz> will then pick his target up until I post the game thread. The rest of the roles will be assigned and the mafia PM will be created one hour before the game actually starts.

…if he picks zoolander, he comes up opposite affiliation! Only the GM will know! Mafia scum Fuzz. :nono: Whoops, that’s if Fuzz was a Civ role not Mafia, and could learn a player was civ or mafia at the start of the game from his choice

so give him a wrong role if he picks zoolander. :razz:

I missed the more forgiving 3SL post there, my bad, but it was a test to get unfiltered advice, learning about psychology, game test learning to communicate - more than just crapping on him for Icege and posting more old man game nobody gonna watch. Taunts all being different is pretty fun. Watch the Urien Alex last round to see that in action.

Forgot I totally fish to win with Elena’s taunt, I should make it a taunt special (move property) cancel 2-in-1 from a normal to try to hit that more often, its hard to hit from how slow it is.

Lando -

1 time use to choose correctly and contact a Mafia?

Or he gets to try again if he’s wrong?

He gets to try again if he’s wrong. However, if the civs believe the person who says they got targeted by <Pimp Willy>, he faces being lynched.

*So if you’re a civ and Willy reveals himself to you, he’s essentially at your mercy. I like. *

What happened to @Mobius?

He was coming up as a solid player here, and he dropped off the planet after Dangan Ronpa.

We didn’t lose him in Haiyan, did we?

I lol’d at the first one. This makes me want to get my xbox live account renewed.

I just realized the irony of @Bious and @RadicalFuzz being mafia roles together.


Where you guys at?

Will there be the obligatory gay lovers death write up? Is that shit called yaoi or something, I recall someone mentioning it in one of the older games.

No, because I’m not dying in this game.

You weren’t dead when you wrote “Welcome to Ponyville”



Sign me up. Perhaps I can pay attention in this one.

I’d like to join.

I messaged him to see if he wanted in the Werewolves game and he said he was busy but would like to see the Loser’s Lounge. Hope he’s ok.

Managed to get the greatest Black Guy role in SRK Mafia history in the game.

Pretty sure we’ll hit 30 players before I go to America.