Because you’re ugly.

Are you going to answer that?

Why wasn’t there a HAX card to “pull a HAX” (on you)?!

Gonna make the #FGCyntalan#Blackweabchunli card on my own then. :sad:

*WTFuxapullahax? :wtf:

The rule against having more than one account has been taken out of the terms of service.


Yes, I actually read those things.


Do those encrypted text things count as a foreign language?
Does changing your avatar count as a role claim?

This is eerily accurate to how we would actually handle it.

That clause was added specifically to prevent the encrypted text scenario, so I’d imagine so.

Looks like we’ll be seeing the return of the zipped folders then.

You were banned because: you were on probation from the previous game and proceeded to show total disregard for the game rules in the still running FGC game.

The thing was, Icege wanted to do 3-games, and I softened it. I think it was errors on both sides that led to that, neither side handled it well. But the tirade in the game thread should’ve been taken to PM.

I overlooked that one.

No, they will be decided at random by the GM when MP dies. They will be drawn out of the pool of living players.

I especially want to get answers as to whether they’re playing from the following:

Shinkuu Tatsumaki
Pimp Willy

No need to ask BJ, since Chief’s already in. :coffee:

Icege- soft ban

Yo, i want to know if i can be added to the LL since i can’t participate on the game?

Yeah. I’ll get you in. The banned players are exceptions, if they want in the LL, I’ll put them in there.

You should send these three [details=Spoiler]and Black Jesus[/details] a PM, since tagging them won’t work.

I already sent SWBeta one. He said he’s retired from Mafia.

I’m starting a petition at as we speak.

And PW’s already seen the thread, he agreed on one of my posts in here.

I’m definitely playing, I have been busy all day for my sons 1st birthday party (remember when we got mafia kickstarted at the end of last year and I ran a game with a newborn fresh out of the hospital?). But I haven’t signed up because I don’t know if I’m playing on this account or a Lando Calrissian account.

Just put me down on this one.

edit: Can I put in a Lynch RadicalFuzz pre-emptively for him being the last mafia alive and playing everyone in the current game? Along with a side lynch on Aidebit for enabling it?

k thx :tup:

I would also like to put in a pre-emptive Lynch vote for RadicalFuzz because reasons.