You really need to change your title to ‘Target Searched. Returning to Silence Mode.’.

Probably will.

I’d ask if I could die as Cisco but I don’t know if he’s played a game.

Iiat. If we’re not starting until Jan 18th then I’m in. :tup:

I’d request Kromo, but he hasn’t played one to my knowledge.

I was planning on starting this on the 13th. You know, 13th on the 13th. :lol:

I could push it back, but I’d like to ensure this ends before I’m flying to Korea.

Then we need to get @Kromo in here so that it can happen.

No weab words like sempai either

Because its “senpai,” botches. Fruedian. Temis Two.

Sign me up BTW

since if I was a true alternate like I said 7 times and Icege didn’t see, :crybaby:

I would’ve been Medic. :tup: not Missing.

So with Missing’s interesting role in here, I could be him. AZN wife. Stinky kids at school and after school. Play Slow Fighter 4 vs INFILTRATION and Laugh, and know the joke from J&Jamespoop modding, laugh

Aidebit wasn’t lying: I’M IN!

If it had turned out that none of those four was mafia and our UC did some shit like that I would have been too upset to play I think

Just need 7 players left for the full roster. :tup:

That was fast!

I’m not going to spend too much time on this, because I’m honestly starting to see how things are done in these little circles. But for the sake of logic and reasoning.

I fail to see how I had a “total disregard” for the rules when I private messaged Icege ( where’d he run off to by the way? ) and never got a reply. All I did was let him know he forgot to give me a role, several times mind you. I even let it go whenever you suggested the we shouldn’t be discussing things in the main thread. The general consensus was that he should have added me in as an alternate, which I would have been fine with ( day one citizen lynched because I wasn’t btw ). When he replied in the mafia game he said he wouldn’t put me in as an alt because I was being “hostile.” I don’t remember being hostile but whatever.

I assume you were talking about my situation. Again I tried to PM Icege, and for whatever reason he didn’t fell like replying back to me. That was the whole point in me telling everybody what happened in the game thread in the first place.
About the three game ban, I’m essentially being banned for three games anyway considering I was never given an opportunity to play the last game in the first place. As for Icege’s opinion on matters moderating games…his actions, unexplained absences, and general lack of responsibility for a game that he started in the first place should all speak for themselves.

I understand the need to enforce rules, but I wish someone would at least TRY to see where I’m coming from on this matter. Hell, I even tried to be the bigger man and tagged Icege on Christmas to apologize for my acting the way I did. I think he may just take stuff a little too personally like the way he did with Azure in the van helsing game. Anyway, at the very least, if I’m to be banned for two game…the last game should count as one since I was completely blacklisted without ever being given a solid reason as to why.

There isn’t really an “appeals” process for this matter. Bans are suggested by the current GM and the other GM’s approve or disagree with them. The fact of the matter is that you posted in the sign-up thread saying you were sick of the game because Icege hadn’t gotten back to you immediately. As it were, Icege has been suffering a lot of problems IRL and hasn’t had time for SRK; rightfully so.

You then ignored repeated warnings to stop posting in the general thread. That can hardly be misconstrued when you were told point blank to stop posting.

Plain and simple, you are responsible for your own behaviour and you failed to control yourself.

Icege missing your role was unfortunate, but mistakes do happen. Your impatience in this matter has cost you.

As for the FGC game counting as a ban; no. You were removed from that game and have a further two games to sit out before you may rejoin.

I wish to die, if it happens

as @limegreenpotato

that name is sick, and its dashable with 3 words in it like my own name. :tup:

I’m going to consult with the rest of the GMs on this one, @3rdSTRikeLOVE.

Like I said, I don’t think the fault lies squarely on you. I agree with Icege in that there was a lot of ambiguity on your part as to whether you were in or not, but I also believe that you did contact Icege to sort things out. I also concur that Icege can be a little too sensitive at times, and I don’t think that helped matters in this situation, which I think was why you got the ban in the first place.

I’ll hold a slot open for you in case we overturn Icege’s ban, but if not, I agree in that I will shorten your ban to one game, as not being able to play last game will count in your favor on your ban, as it stands.

Fuck it, sign me up. If I can’t actually play I’ll switch out before the game starts.

Look man I’m not trying to argue or whatever. But let’s not start re-writing history. All you have to do is go back to day one game and read. You and I were discussing the matter and when you suggested that neither one of us should be in-game posting…I quit posting. That was it. There was no ignoring of repeated warnings as you say. The only other time I posted was when Icege flat out lied when he gave his BS reason for not making me an alternate and a few days later when I came in to tell the players Merry Christmas.
As for me controlling myself, it could have been much much worse. As a matter of fact that was the plan, I was pretty mad at what happened and was going to troll the rest of the game. But I decided against it. As you said, IRL comes first and I honestly hope Icege gets all his shit together. But I feel it’s a bit silly to try to point the finger at me the whole time and give me the type of punishment that you’re pushing is somewhat harsh.
If you refuse to listen to logic of reason then whatever, It’s mafia after all…just do whatever you want.

Hey in this last 3rd strike super teams sign up, Kindevu, Haitani, nitto, etc etc.

BLEND = WTf is this shit?

I thought:


& if you keep quoting these giant posts I will inform you that you should have -1 for getting banned! Meaningless points like a meaningless argument and assuming things. Thanks for not trolling, but you should know that 3s players can’t be trolled. & that the game’s players have had a mod on the roster, or we can flag the shit down and remove your posts entirely from a game thread.

lol, I realize that, but that doesn’t mean it’s not annoying. Plus that’s not all I was going to do. I actually found that picture Icege posted in the van helsing game of his girl and was going to have some photo-shop fun with it lol, but I decided against it ( i didn’t want a fucking suicide on my hands ). Anyway, shit wasn’t actually that serious. I just don’t like unreasonable people, but again it’s mafia so…

Well, I thought you were unreasonable on liking Tokido “being raped!”

but Kuroda trolling him, in a short but sweet youtube clip is awesome.

We’re not seeing much of how Icege was being unreasonable. And stick to your experience with him only, no need to drag Azure into this even for an example. women pshopped not even bad but hearts around it on SRK got someone banned, so dude calm down. JMAD rodriguez over here.

JROD style.

Gouki taunt pose.gif